Nationals Week Wrap

November 9, 2012
We finished up our nationals week today with a running time trial. The J2 boys and all of the girls ran 13 km, while the older boys ran 18 km. Mollie, Alex, Calvin and Jack are fighting colds and so they worked on classic technique.
We don’t have too many pictures, but you can get an idea for the day..clear and cool. Below, Gino finishes bare chested while Sverre cheers in a parka (notice the snow in the shade of the bush).
For the 3 older boys who ran, both Gino and Hamish set PR’s. This was especially impressive because the first 8 kms was a narrow snow covered trail.
Here are their times:
Gino   73:59
Hamish   79:14
Tyler    85:40
The younger boys and the girls ran an out and back with the return slightly uphill:
Koby   27:42   55:59
Scott   26:50   56:53
Katharine   30:13   61:49
Tegan   30:13   61:49
Kate   30:38   63:34
Tess   31:04   64:29
Pippin   31:42   66:09
Mackenzie   33:24   69:13
Ana   33:25   69:26
Great job by everyone! Now we review to see how each person felt throughout the week. Hopefully this will help us be able to make good individual plans for each athlete when they head off for a race series.                    

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