NNF Drive for 25 Makes Final Push

FasterSkierNovember 13, 20121
The following is a press release from the National Nordic Foundation
Thank you to all who have gotten involved in the National Nordic Foundation’s (NNF) Drive for 25. So far our American Nordic nation has stepped up BIG! From Alaska to Minnesota to Maine, from California to Connecticut and everywhere in between. Our community has rallied in an amazing show of support. Over 800 individuals with donations as small as $5 have stepped up to support our skiers.
Thursday, November 15th is D25 day. We have 3 days left in the American Nordic community’s effort to support our athletes for the season. We are so, so close to reaching our fundraising goal for Cross-Country and on the Nordic Combined side we are very close to reaching a $15,000 matching challenge.
Join us in rallying around our next generation of American Nordic stars. The NNF is here to make sure that our athletes have the opportunities to allow them to develop and grow from young juniors to Olympic Medalists and learn some amazing lessons along the way.  A few are well funded, a few more are funded, most are not.
Our athletes are on the verge of doing some amazing things. They are our kids, our friends, and our heroes of tomorrow and today. Help us, help them.
Questions? Email us at nationalnordicfoundation@gmail.com
The mission of the National Nordic Foundation (NNF) is to provide support for the athlete development pipeline of US Cross Country and Nordic Combined skiing. The NNF accomplishes this development goal through raising funds and distribution to our “Pillar Projects” that serve the next generation of athletes who represent the United States on the World Stage. For more information go to


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  • Martin Hall

    November 13, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    I know you guys out there have been bombarded with the NNF fund raiser from every angle, but this letter from Mike Elliott, a long time friend, tells you how it is in the trenches. It’s a shame that the funding process is so hand to mouth, but we are gaining big time on the Euros, so realize anything extra helps to make the battle easier and puts us on a more even playing field.
    It is money well used and appreciated,
    Thank you,

    For Your Information. NNF under the direction of Dave Knoop is doing a fabulous job. Last year in May, the USST was directed that only the two A team members in each gender would be funded. The rest of the B team members (3) in each gender and D team members were responsible for funding all their travel expenses. Rocky Mountain Nordic had three Colorado members, Simi Hamilton, Noah Hoffman, and Tad Elliott. Among the communities of Aspen, Vail, and Durango under Rocky Mountain Nordic Angel account, we raised enough money to pay all their travel, lodging, and ground transportation expenses. This year it is the same situation except Simi Hamilton is now on the USST A team. We are raising enough money to pay for the B team members from the Vail, Aspen, and Durango communities for their summer training plus their winter expenses that normally the USST pays for its members. If any of the B Team members make the World Championship Team, they have to pay for those expenses. We also helping to support the Biathlon skiers, Lanny and Tracy Barnes from money raised in Durango and we are supporting Michael Ward, a Nordic Combined skier from Aspen. We have fundraising events in Aspen on November 3, 2012 and in Durango on November 9, 2012 before these athletes travel to Europe for period one in World Cup races. We are looking at a $25,000 to $30,000 to for each B Team athlete. Other communities are doing the same across the country.

    An anonymous donor has pledged to NNF that they will donate $5 for every $1 raised, up to a maximum of $50,000, by athletes who benefitted from NNF in the last three years by participating in the Scando Trip, WJC, U23 World Champs, or the J2 National Camp. We have almost reached that goal so that would be a total of $60,000.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Elliott

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