Holiday Gift Guide: $20 – $50

BrainspiralDecember 19, 2012

With the holidays practically upon us it’s time to get serious about shopping for the ski enthusiasts on your list. If you’ve put off this dreaded task for as long as we have, the good news is that shopping for skiers is pretty easy. There are so many products and pieces that go into the whole production, all you have to do is cast around and pick one (or five). And if all else fails, remember: one can never have enough socks.

We’ve broken up our gift guide into five budgetary segments: Under $20, $20-$50, $50-$100, $100-$200 and $200-and-over. Happy shopping!



10. Swix portable Wall Ski Rack ($20). Whether you’re working in an elite team wax room or a weekend warrior’s garage, a little organization can go a long way. It gets a little old to have to re-prop skis on the wall after the second or third time, and that’s where this nifty tool can help keep them upright and organized. Available at Fontana Sports.




9. Start Wax Oslo Racing Collection ($24). Start has combined klister and hard wax into this kick wax series designed for aggressive, coarse snow. It really shines in conditions that transition from wet snow to powder at higher altitudes like the Far West or Rockie Mountains. Available in blue, purple and green temperature ranges from Gear West, BNS, Skinny Skis and Ski Rack.



8. Swix Hand Cleaner Paste ($24). Klister works, but it holds a special place on the Periodic Table of Ski Wax as the most persistently sticky substance in the universe. Swix has come out of with this hand cleaner paste for those who don’t want ruin their gloves or soak their hands in toxic wax remover. Available at BNS, Gear West, Skinny Skis and Ski Rack.



7. Split mittens ($30-$50). Fondly referred to as lobster gloves, split mitts offer a compromise between warmth and mobility for bitterly cold days cheering on the trails. Swix, Toko and Craft both offer their own take on this distinctive class of hand protection. Available from Gear West, BNS, Skinny Skis and Ski Rack.


6. Craft ski boxer ($40). A warm wicking base layer is the key to long-term comfort on cold days out on the trails. An extra layer of wind stopping fabric in the men’s boxer also adds a necessary amount of protection during a cold race. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes from BNS, Gear West, Skinny Skis and Ski Rack.




5. Bjorn Daehlie Gold Hat ($25). A top of the line racing hat with an aerodynamic fit and extra side ventilation. Available at BNS, Gear West, Skinny Skis and Ski Rack.





4. Swix new race glove ($36). Swix’s light race glove is a strong choice for racing and spring skiing conditions. Complete, as all gloves must be, with a fleece nose-wipe thumb. Available in men’s and women’s sizes at Gear West, BNS, Skinny Skis and Ski Rack.



3. Grip Spray ($13 Toko, $20 Swix). The next step in Klister-covered-hands prevention, grip spray prevents your hands from ever coming in contact with the mess. Swix and Toko have both created aerosol versions of their popular kick wax lines. Available at Gear West, BNS, Skinny Skis and Ski Rack.




2. Sauce Chill Toque ($32). The Bozeman-based athletic headwear company has grown such that its bold, colorful prints are a common sight in the ski community. Sauce’s fleece-lined toque (don’t be confused, it just means ‘hat’ in Canadian) will keep you warm and stylish on the trails. The height of cool. Available from Sauce.




1. Water Belt ($40). The classic portable hydration bottle may be an oldy, but it’s always a welcome addition. Available at BNS in your choice of Swix, Fischer, Skigo, Oneway, or Holmenkol.





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