Holiday Gift Guide: $50 – $100

BrainspiralDecember 19, 2012

With the holidays practically upon us it’s time to get serious about shopping for the ski enthusiasts on your list. If you’ve put off this dreaded task for as long as we have, the good news is that shopping for skiers is pretty easy. There are so many products and pieces that go into the whole production, all you have to do is cast around and pick one (or five). And if all else fails, remember: one can never have enough socks.

We’ve broken up our gift guide into five budgetary segments: Under $20, $20-$50, $50-$100, $100-$200 and $200-and-over. Happy shopping!


10. Bliz Sunglasses (~ $75). Unique and designed specifically for nordic snow sports, Bliz products stand out for their style and durability. Emil Jönsson wears them so you know they’re cool. Available at Nordic Marksman.



6. Black Diamond sprinter headlamp ($70). This running headlamp is designed to light up the trail at your feet for evening workouts. Who doesn’t want to be able to squeeze in an extra workout in the wee hours of the day? Available at REI.




8. French Press Coffee Maker ($70). For some people a morning coffee is a must-have on race day. Certain venues can be pretty remote, so make sure you never get stuck without your caffeine fix again with a travel-size French press. It’s better than drip coffee, so you may end up using it all the time. We like this one from Bodum.





7. Pole Tube ($60). For the serious racer with seriously expensive poles to protect. Particularly when flying with equipment, a pole tupe is a worthwhile investment. This one from OneWay can hold three pairs. Available at Gear West.


6. Holmenkol Scraper Sharpener ($70). “Pricey, but worth it,” reads the BNS description. We have to agree — nothing we’ve tried has ever sharpened scrapers better. If you (ahem – or your loved one) is waxing a lot of skis, this will quickly and easily bring dull scrapers back to life. Plus, it comes with a clamp to lock it onto your wax bench. Available at BNS.





5. Ibex Woolies ($80). One of our favorite choices in long underwear. Nothing wicks like merino wool, and this Ibex shirt is thin but super-warm. It also doesn’t retain stink the way most exercise apparel seems to. Available in several colors from Ibex.






4. SkiGo Long/Fine Steel Brush ($50). A crucial tool for removing wax from every nook and cranny of your bases when you’re preparing them for something new. SkiGo’s fine steel brush has longer bristles than most so it can remove wax from deeper within the pores of your ski. Available at BNS.




3. Neos Overboots ($88). Neos generally caters to the fishing and hunting crowd, but their overboots have become wildly popular with ski coaches in recent years. They pack well and can go directly over your ski boots. Something about that extra layer of material between your feet and the snow makes them the warmest option out there for spectating, coaching and general fun in the snow. Available at Amazon.






2. Stone Grinding ($60 – $75). Available from the good people at Caldwell Sport, BNS, Gear West and Nordic Ultratune, the right grind for the right conditions can make all the difference on race day and in general enjoyment of your ski experience. Given the thin state of snow conditions in North America thus far, chances are some of your skis will be due for a mid-season regrind pretty soon.


1. Patagonia Yerba Pack ($70). A small backpack is indispensable for weekend getaways or for gathering up all your gear in the lodge. Patagonia’s Yerba pack is a colorful option with all the necessary bangles and compartments. Available at Patagonia.







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