Great Prices on Fischer Carbonlite S-Track and Atomic WC Hardtrack from Gear West

Gear WestFebruary 13, 2013

atomic + fischer skis

Which is best for you?!

The Fischer S-Track has very soft tips and tails. Peak pressure/contract pressure is closer to the foot which aids in flotation and gives easy static release and easy climbing. Fischer chooses NIS plates for all S-Track skis but we can mount SNS or NNN. The S-Track comes with Fischer’s standard 28 Plus base. The Atomic Featherlite features a longer wheelbase which gives great ski feel and stability in firm and medium track. Coupled with a race wedge the Atomic climbs with ease. Both skis are extremely light but the Atomic gets the slight nod in the weight category. The bases on both skis are very slippery and production grind finish quality is better than ever… Fischer is running Mantec machines and Atomic chooses Wintersteiger.

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