Hand-Selected Ski Orders Deadline Extended to June 7 & Nathan’s Notes on Next Season’s Classic Skis

From: Nathan Schultz

Owner, Boulder Nordic Sport

I am heading out to pick skis very soon and we have extended our order deadline to June 7. For all of you who have been putting your order off, this is your last opportunity until to have skis specially selected just for you until next summer!

BNS hand-selects all of our high-end skis to ensure we have the highest-quality inventory, but when we pick skis with your information in hand, it allows us to precisely match the ski with the exact characteristics you want, giving you the most optimal skis possible. Call us at 877.BNS.SKIS (877.267.7547) or fill out the ski request form at bouldernordic.com and we’ll give you a call to discuss your ski choice and iron out the details of your order. The best part is that there is no extra cost for this service. We only pick skis once per year, so don’t miss your chance!

If you missed our last newsletter, I wrote descriptions of a lot of the new gear that is coming for 2013-2014. Here are a few more details on some of next season’s classic skis:


Madshus Redline Classic

I touched on the new Madshus classic skis in the last newsletter, but I liked them so much this year that I think it is worthwhile to emphasize them again. The new Nanosonic Redline Classic skis from Madshus are completely redesigned, taking advantage of new materials and producing an unbelievable result. I was lucky enough to get an early production 102 (hard wax/cold) ski when I visited Madshus in 2012 and after skiing on it for a season, I’m a fanatical supporter. A new fiberglass material allowed them to use 40% less material while maintaining the same stiffness, which permitted Madshus to thin the ski significantly and shed weight. The new profile of the ski is dramatic; much slimmer at the tip and tail, creating a buttery soft transition at each end, but actually stiffening up the bridge of the ski and the kick zone. On snow, the feel is dramatically different and quite impressive –very accessible kick and a smooth, silky-feeling glide with quick acceleration. I think the Madshus 102 is a fantastic choice for any classic skier and will work quite well for beginners and experts alike given the combination of easily accessible kick and smooth glide.


Fischer Speedmax Classic Explained

There has been some confusion surrounding the Fischer Speedmax Classic ski. The Speedmax Classic will only be available in the 902 mold, which is probably better known as the “Soft Track” or “S-Track” Classic. The 902 has been one of our favorites for years and despite the “Soft Track” name, it is a versatile ski that is highly effective for warmer hard wax conditions (above ~14F/-10C) as well as klister conditions. However, due to its shape, the skis tend not to run in cold conditions much below -10C. If you don’t have a 902 in your bag, we recommend getting one, but if you are looking for a cold hard wax ski, the 902 is not a great choice, and you would be better off with a traditional Carbonlite Cold or Plus ski which has a better shape to handle cold snow.


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