MSU Movement Science Lab Looking for Masters: Recruitment Round Two

BrainspiralSeptember 30, 2013

Idaho Masters Skiers,

Montana State University’s Movement Science Lab is looking for Nordic skiers to participate in a research project this fall and winter. We are looking for Masters-level cross country skiers who fit the following criteria:

  • 40-69 years old, male or female.
  • Competitive cross-country skiers who plan on participating in the 2014 Boulder Mountain Tour.
  • Interested in being part of a ground-breaking study on this unique population of athletes.

The purpose of the project described below is to characterize the typical training patterns of Masters-aged skiers during the fall and winter. To accomplish this goal we simply want to record what your current training practices using two well-established measurement techniques: 1) Heart rate monitoring and 2) Training Log recording (see ‘Study Details’ below).

We will be in Ketchum, ID next Saturday, October 5th at Velocio Cafe!

Date: Saturday, October 5th

Times: 11AM to 6PM (drop-ins on the hour, every hour)

Location: Velocio Cafe: 601 Sun Valley Rd

We will be holding 7 drop-in informational sessions every hour on the hour (11AM, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5PM). Stop by and pick up your materials to participate in the MSU Masters ski study!

*If you are able to make it please RSVP with your name, age, gender, and time we will see you at Velocio. We will get you set up with both your training log and monitor at this time.

*If you are unable to attend but would like to participate in the study please email us at

Questions? Email us at or call us: Emily (651-230-2025) and Tara (207-730-3289).  We look forward to having you as a participant in our study!


Study Details:

Is Nordic skiing your primary winter sport? Are you planning to participate in the 2014 Boulder Mountain Tour 32 km skate ski race? If so, you fit the criteria for our Masters ski study!

This project is being conducted to evaluate the seasonal training and racing practices of Masters-level cross country skiers in order to begin building the knowledge base necessary for improved coaching and training of this unique population. This research project involves wearing a telemetry-based heart rate monitor and maintaining an exercise training log over the course of two 14-day sessions (early-fall and mid-winter seasons) as well as during the 2014 Boulder Mountain Tour 32 km skate ski race (Sun Valley, ID). Since your own plans already include training for and participating in the 2014 Boulder Mountain Tour skate ski race, all that you are being asked to do is wear a heart rate monitor and fill out the accompanying exercise training log.

There is no cost to you (the participant) and participation in this research project is voluntary. If you agree to participate you will be asked to attend one the informational sessions at Velocio Cafe (see above) during which you will learn how to use your heart rate monitor and record exercise data in your training log. You will collect and record exercise data for 14 days during the early-fall training season. Upon completion of the initial collection period, you will immediately return your heart rate monitor system and training log to the Project Directors, Emily Ranta and Tara Vetrone, for initial data analysis.

The second data collection period will begin in early January as soon as you receive your heart monitor and training log. You will collect and record your training through the completion of the Boulder Mountain Tour on February 2nd, 2014. The project directors will be collecting the heart rate monitor systems immediately following the 32 km skate ski race. You will be asked to email your completed Excel-based training log to the Project Directors; handwritten training logs may be delivered in person or returned in standard mail.

Upon completion of the Boulder Mountain Tour, you will receive a PDF file via e-mail of your own recorded heart rate (as a graph) from all recorded exercise bouts over the course of both collection periods. In addition, we will randomly select four study participants to get reimbursed for their Boulder Mountain Tour entry fee (up to $100). Winners for this drawing will be notified shortly after the weekend of the Boulder Mountain Tour.


Do not hesitate to email the project directors, Emily Ranta and Tara Vetrone, with any questions that may arise:

Please forward this email to anyone you know who may be interested in participating. Thank you for your interest in Nordic ski research- we look forward to working with you throughout this study!



Emily Ranta and Tara Vetrone

Project Directors

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