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Brainspiral BrainspiralNovember 21, 2013
U.S. women in Beitostolen, including Rosie Brennan, Sadie Bjornsen, Jessie Diggins and Sophie Caldwell (Photo: Holly Brooks)
Several of the U.S. women in Beitostølen, Norway, including (from left to right) Rosie Brennan, Sadie Bjornsen, Jessie Diggins, and Sophie Caldwell (Photo: Holly Brooks/Twitter)

To get you excited for 2013/2014 racing season, we asked some of the skiers you’ll be reading about from the U.S. and Canadian national teams to tell us seven things about themselves that most people don’t know. To top off the randomness, we also posed a couple questions related to skiing (well, sort of) and the life of a pro athlete.

Athlete: Sadie Bjornsen

Team: U.S. Ski Team (third season); Alaska Pacific University (APU)

Age: 24 (today!)

Hometown: Winthrop, Wash.

Sadie Bjornsen and her younger brother Erik with their "Wax Ring" prizes after winning an Alaska Pacific University time trial earlier this month at Hatcher Pass near Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo:
Sadie Bjornsen and her younger brother Erik with their “Wax Ring” prizes after winning an Alaska Pacific University time trial earlier this month at Hatcher Pass near Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo:

7 Things:

  1. I take full-time school, and have for the past three years while I race. I am expecting to graduate at some point this year 🙂
  2. I grew up vegetarian until I started traveling to Europe for racing and got sick of eating “fried cheese” that was served to me.
  3. I have an older sister (1.5 years older) – she lives in Seattle and was a skier in her past life
  4. I travel with a frog stuffed animal and his name is Jasper
  5. I have a French boyfriend – and that is where I will spend Christmas this winter, in Meribel, France… first Christmas not at home.
  6. At one point in my life I set the 100-meter World Record on skis…. although I am not sure anyone tried it outside of the US.
  7. Cross Country skiing is new to my family in this generation. My mom grew up in Minnesota, but drove snowmobiles and worked on a farm. My dad was a backcountry and alpine skier.

Bonus Round:

  • First races of the season? Tomorrow, Beito Classic 10k [in Beitostølen, Norway]
  • Go-to mantra or motto: “Mind is master, body is servant.”
  • What do you miss most while on the road (besides family and friends)? My closet. I love variation in outfits, and that is the hardest part about the traveling circus!
  • Best part about being a pro athlete: Testing your ability to accomplish something you set your mind to. There are so many speed bumps along the way, but perseverance and determination are something you have to test every day as a pro athlete. I love that nothing is given, nothing is “pre-determined.” Every day you have to test your ability, test if you are willing to reach that goal!
  • 3 travel essentials: Ear plugs, my journal, Cold-FX
  • Go-to travel meal or food: PB&J
  • Song that you could listen to non-stop: “What is Love” by Haddaway
  • Song you wouldn’t mind never hearing again: “Gangnum Style”
Sadie Bjornsen at Hatcher Pass. (Photo:
Sadie Bjornsen striding out at Hatcher Pass near Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo:


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