Sylvan Ellefson’s ‘Trail to Sochi’ Episode 2

HWKNovember 7, 2013

HWK Ski Wax

HWK is hand crafted premium World Cup ski wax made in Austria. We take pride in providing the fastest wax to World Cup teams and our individual customers. Our featured product this week is Fluor Powder Extreme. Fluor Powder Extreme is 100% pure fluorine and is designed for extremely dry and, cold conditions, and extremely wet, and warm conditions. It does not have a specific temperature range because it is designed for snow humidity. (below 14% and above 30%) However it will run very well in all conditions. Team HWK used Fluor Powder Extreme for the American Birkiebeiner last year. Our skis were amazing for the entire 52km. Fluor Powder Extreme is very durable and dirt repellent. If you have one Fluor Powder in your wax box, Fluor Powder Extreme is your choice.

HWK Fluorpowder Extreme

For more information on HWK North America go to our online store: Follow us on Facebook “HWK USA” and twitter @hwkskiwaxus.  We look forward to helping you have the fastest skis possible.

Now enjoy this video from HWK’s Sylvan Ellefson on his…

“Trail to Sochi” Episode 2

Produced by Kjell Ellefson


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