http://www.hwk-skiwax.us/HF-Wax/HWK-Ski-Wax-HFW-3.html as a base wax and both fluor stick 50Go5http://www.hwk-skiwax.us/Fluid-Wax/HWK-Ski-Wax-Liquo-Racing.html proved to be excellent! The HFW3 is a unique HF wax designed for all snow types. It is very hard and durable and we have seen much success with it this race season in many different snow types!  This wax has a silver additive as well that has an anti-static property to it. The fluor stick 50Go5 was ironed at 120C.  This application method gets...

Welcome to HWK ski wax North America! HWK is hand crafted premium World Cup ski wax made in Austria. We take pride in providing the fastest wax to World Cup teams and our individual customers. The HWK product line includes LF wax, HF wax, Fluorine powders, sticks/blocks, liquids and pastes. We are the only wax company with a free waxing app for both apple and android.