2014 US Nationals/ Skate Sprint Report

HWKJanuary 15, 2014

 HWK Ski Wax

The weather continued to be awesome at SOHO for the Skate Sprint day.  The traditional cold nights and sunny days were present and made for fast conditions.  The conditions for qualifying were very cold (-1F) with snow temp around -18C.  The Doser (snow moisture) was reading 28-29%.  The snow was extremely aggressive so we chose to harden LFW3 Nero (P1Nero)http://www.hwk-skiwax.us/LF-Base-Wax/HWK-Ski-Wax-LFW3-Nero-P1-Nero.html with Polar Extreme Cold Powderhttp://www.hwk-skiwax.us/LF-Base-Wax/HWK-Ski-Wax-Polar-Extreme-Cold-Powder.html.  This base would stay on all day.

For top coats we really liked the Fluor Powder Cold Silberhttp://www.hwk-skiwax.us/Powder/HWK-Ski-Wax-Fluor-Powder-Cold-2010-Silver.html hand corked, and Liquo Racing http://www.hwk-skiwax.us/Fluid-Wax/HWK-Ski-Wax-Liquo-Racing.html!

In the afternoon the sun warmed things up and the humidity dropped out. The snow moisture content in skied areas stayed the same and the snow took on a large granular, ball bearing quality.  The Liquo Racing  (0/-10C) was again extremely fast, only to be outdone by VP 375.  This fluorstick is another test product from Austria that will be available next year.  It excels when a higher moisture content is present, the snow is transformed and maintains the large granular, ball bearing like crystals. The suggested used air temp is (-6/+10C).  This fluor stick was hand corked very well and allowed to cool.  We brushed it with a horsehair brush followed by a nylon brush, and polished with ski with an antistatic cloth.  The hand application is the best application for speed when working with HWK fluor sticks! Make sure to brush the fluor sticks very well.

Sylvan reported that his skis were “sick.”

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