2014 US Nationals 30/20k Skate

HWKJanuary 15, 2014

HWK Ski Wax

The morning of the skate distance races brought light, fresh, snowfall  to the venue.  The air temp hovered around -3C and the Doser (snow moisture) was reading 20-22% in skied areas on the new snow.  For paraffin both LFW2 (K1) and HFW2 Nero tested very well.  We chose to go with HFW2 Nerohttp://www.hwk-skiwax.us/HF-Wax/HWK-Ski-Wax-HFW-2-Nero.html which had been testing well all week.  Our powder and top coat tests were also very predictable.  Fluor Powder Warm (-4/+15) http://www.hwk-skiwax.us/Race-Powder/HWK-Ski-Wax-Fluor-Powder-Warm.html and Liquo racing winning our tests.  However it was FP Warm that really shined during the Men’s 30k! This fluorpowder does extremely well in wet, new, fresh fallen snow, and when glazing is occurring.  This wax is very durable and proved it during the men’s 30k SSCV/TH  and Sylvan’s skis were lightning fast throughout the entire race!  For structure, we used the STB/ HWK Olympia structure tool and pressed in the LU F, a very fine, linear broken structure that proved to be a great addition to the wax combo.  Congratulations to Sylvan for winning his first National title and for bringing home the first national Nordic title for Ski and Snowboard Club Vail/ Team Homegrown and the Vail community!

We stayed with the same combo of HFW2 Nero and FP Warm for the junior races in the afternoon.  The only difference was the structure used was the LU M long (broken linear medium) using the STB/HWK Olympia Structure tool. This combo could not be beat all day.  The nice thing too is that FP Warm showed up on the APP.  For people that are not familiar with HWK, the free APP provides great recommendations that are very accurate and fast.  Do not hesitate to use this tool!

HWK would like to thank Allison Ebbetts, Lenka Sterling, Eric Pepper, and Dan Weiland for all of their help and hard work in getting SSCV/Team Homegrown and Team HWK great skis all week.

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