Fischer & Swix Athletes Top Races at US Nationals

SwixJanuary 16, 2014
Sylvan Ellefson
Sylvan Ellefson

With the stakes high this Olympic season, US Fischer and Swix athletes took to Soldier Hollow, Utah to make a case for their inclusion to the US Olympic team for the upcoming Sochi games. This week, Fischer and Swix outpaced all equipment suppliers with four wins and twelve podium finishes, including two podium sweeps.

  • USST and APU, athlete, Erik Bjornsen took home the opening win of the US National Championships with a strong final lap in the 15k men’s classic race. Perennial US strongman, Kris Freeman opened well on the course before fading due to blood sugar issues arising from his diabetes. Freeman finished third, just behind APU’s Reese Hanneman who placed second for a full Fischer / Swix podium sweep.

  • Becca Rorabough took home her first national championship in the women’s 10k classic event on a pair of recently selected Fischer Speedmax classic skis. “I just tried to ski smoothly through the whole race,” Rorabough explained following the event.

  • Sylvan Ellefson took home the most emotional win of the week in the men’s 30k freestyle mass start. Asked about his relationship with Fischer prior to the event, Ellefson highlighted the reliability of his ski fleet: “I am very excited to be skiing on the new Speedmax skis, but even without those skis, because I have been with Fischer for so long now, I have built of a fleet of very reliable skis.” Those skis came in handy when Ellefson pushed clear of the pack in the closing kilometer’s for his first national championship. “This is all I’ve ever wanted in skiing.”

  • Chelsea Holmes skied a strong event in the women’s 20k mass start, finishing second on the day.

  • Reese Hanneman took home his first national championship and led a sweep in the men’s classic sprint event. Hanneman’s APU teammate finished second, while Bend Endurance Academy sprinter, Dakota Blackhorse von Jess took home third.

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