Junior Nationals: Top-10 Recognition

BrainspiralMarch 4, 2014
Tara Humphries (Bates College/New England) racing to a victory at 2014 Junior Nationals in the women's 5 k classic individual start on Monday at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt.
Tara Humphries (Bates College/New England) racing to a victory at 2014 Junior Nationals in the women’s 5 k classic individual start on Monday at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt.

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STOWE, Vt. — Giving a little recognition where it’s due, here’s a look at the top-10 skiers in each of Monday’s classic individual starts on Day 1 of U.S. Junior Nationals. Classic sprints kick off today with qualifiers at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time; heats start at 1 p.m. Follow FasterSkier on Twitter and Instagram, as well as the 2014 Junior Nationals website for updates.


U16 Men’s 5 k

  1. Zach Williams, 14 (Sun Valley/Intermountain)
  2. Hunter Wonders, 15 (Alaska Pacific University/Alaska)
  3. Forrest Hamilton, 15 (Mansfield/New England)
  4. Peter Wolter, 15 (Sun Valley/Intermountain)
  5. Leo Lukens, 15 (Mt. Bachelor/Pacific Northwest)
  6. Adam Glueck, 14 (Ford Sayre/New England)
  7. Daniel Streinz, 15 (Maine WSC/New England)
  8. Will Balcao, 15 (Alaska Winter Stars/Alaska)
  9. River Vorse, 15 (Sun Valley/Intermountain)
  10. Russell Boswell, 14 (Stratton/New England)

Fun Fact: Williams won by exactly 7 seconds and led four Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation juniors in the top 12 of his race.


U18 Men’s 10 k 

  1. Peter Holmes, 17 (Unleashed Coaching/Far West)
  2. Zak Ketterson, 16 (Loppet Nordic Racing/Midwest)
  3. Ian Torchia, 17 (LNR/Midwest)
  4. Lars Hannah, 17 (Steamboat Springs/Rocky Mountain)
  5. Paolo Takagi-Atilano, 16 (Boulder/Rocky Mountain)
  6. Ben Hegman, 17 (Mansfield/New England)
  7. Braden Becker, 17 (Maine WSC/New England)
  8. Gavin McEwen, 16 (Cambridge Sports Union/New England)
  9. Thomas O’Harra, 17 (APU/Alaska)
  10. Nick Gardener, 17 (Endurance United/Midwest)

Fun Fact: According to fifth-place finisher Paolo Takagi-Atilano’s profile on the National Nordic Foundation website, his name is pronounced “Pow’-loh” and he’s fine with people calling him by his first name “because who wants to deal with Takagi-Atilano?”


U20 Men’s 10 k 

  1. Cole Morgan, 19 (University of Vermont/New England)
  2. Fabian Stocek, 19 (Holderness School/GST)
  3. Jack Hegman, 19 (UVM/New England)
  4. Oscar Friedman, 19 (Dartmouth/Rocky Mountain)
  5. Haakon Sigurslid, 18 (Durango/Rocky Mountain)
  6. Patrick McElravey, 19 (Middlebury/Far West)
  7. Mathew Nichols, 19 (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay/Midwest)
  8. Sam Elfstrom, 19 (Northern Michigan University/Midwest)
  9. Jack Schrupp, 18 (Gunstock/New England)
  10. Blaine Ayotte, 18 (St. Lawrence University/New England)

Fun Fact: Morgan, a college sophomore from Bozeman, Mont., won by more than 35 seconds.


U16 Women’s 5 k

  1. Hailey Swirbul, 15 (Aspen/Rocky Mountain)
  2. Leah Lange, 15 (Park City/Intermountain)
  3. Hannah Halvorsen, 15 (Sugar Bowl/Far West)
  4. Leah Brams, 15 (CSU/New England)
  5. Amanda Kautzer, 15 (LNR/Midwest)
  6. Hannah Rudd, 15 (LNR/Midwest)
  7. Kathleen O’Connell, 15 (Steamboat Springs/Rocky Mountain)
  8. Lydia Youkey, 14 (Leavenworth/Pacific Northwest)
  9. Lizzie Larkins, 15 (Auburn/Far West)
  10. Claire Benton, 15 (LNR/Midwest)

Fun Fact: Swirbul won her first national title by nearly 15 seconds. In January at the U.S. Cross Country Championships in Midway, Utah, she placed second in the junior 5 k freestyle mass start.


U18 Women’s 5 k 

  1. Katharine Ogden, 16 (Stratton/New England)
  2. Vivian Hett, 17 (LNR/Midwest)
  3. Gretchen Burkholder, 17 (Steamboat Springs/Rocky Mountain)
  4. Julia Kern, 16 (CSU/New England)
  5. Hannah Peterson, 17 (Durango/Rocky Mountain)
  6. Racquel Wohlk, 16 (Nordicwerks/Midwest)
  7. Mattie Watts, 17 (Endurance United/Midwest)
  8. Emily Hyde, 17 (Mt. Bachelor/Pacific Northwest)
  9. Zoe Snow, 17 (CSU/New England)
  10. Sarrissa Lammers, 17 (Alaska Nordic Racing/Alaska)

Fun Fact: Ogden was the fastest overall in the U18/U20 women’s 5 k, edging Hett by 2.3 seconds. It is her second national title after winning the junior 5 k freestyle mass start at U.S. Cross Country Championships in January.


U20 Women’s 5 k

  1. Tara Humphries, 18 (Bates College/New England)
  2. Hannah Benson, 18 (Williams Outing Club/New England)
  3. Sadie James, 18 (Bates/New England)
  4. Ulrika Axelsson, 19 (Michigan Tech/GST)
  5. Maddy Pfeifer, 19 (Andover Outing Club/New England)
  6. Kelsey Phinney, 19 (New England)
  7. Heidi Halvorsen, 18 (New England)
  8. Nora Gilbertson, 19 (St. Olaf College/Midwest)
  9. Maggie Williams, 18 (Sun Valley/Intermountain)
  10. Kristin Bourne, 18 (NMU/Midwest)

Fun Facts: Two Bates skiers shared the podium, and Axelsson, a college freshman from Sweden, was just 0.6 seconds from third in fourth.

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