New Toko Rollerski Glove — Best Ever

TokoJune 3, 2014

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New Toko Rollerski Gloves in Stores Now!

This glove is our best yet.  It is very soft and light feeling, but at the same time it is supportive and protective.  The new glove is called the Toko Rollerski 2.0 glove.

New Toko rollerski glove

They also make an amazing lightweight full fingered cross country Mountain Bike glove

New Toko rollerski glove

Stink Much?

Having spent lots of time around skiers in the summer as well as in the winter, I can say that a team van can get mighty ripe in the summer too!  Base Layers and Rollerski Boots seem to be the main culprit.  If you treat your base layers with Toko Functional Sportswear Care, they will not only stink less due to the silver ion technology, but they will also work better in general.  Also, when you take your ski boots off, squirt some Toko Shoe Fresh in the toes to kill odorous bacteria (and prevent it from returning).

Toko shoe care

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