SkiGo Announces Summer Rollerski Lineup

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SkiGo is excited to announce its summer rollerski lineup with some great new additions for 2014 including: NIS plated skis, new aluminum models and new pole ferrules. Also new for this season is an expanded network of dealers and demo programs. Check out what’s new for 2014:

  • Nordic Integrated System (NIS) Plates. Now available on Carbon Classic and Carbon Skate models, SkiGo is using the same factory-bonded NIS mounting plate that is found on nearly all modern in-track skis. Gone are the days of having to figure out where to mount bindings on your rollerskis. Simply take a standard NIS-compatible NNN binding and slide it onto the plate. Need to adjust the binding? It’s easy to adjust the binding both fore and aft quickly and easily. Save money by using your winter bindings during the summer.
  • “Regular” and “Soft” flexes for Carbon Classic. Something for everyone. One of the greatest things about using a composite rollerski is the ski-like flex and feel when kicking. Traditionally, rollerski models have only been available in one stiffness, compromising between being stiff enough to keep average skiers from bottoming out yet soft enough to keep lighter skiers happy. SkiGo is unique in that a special “soft” model is available for lighter skiers to enjoy all the benefits of carbon rollerski technology.
  • Aluminum Classic Skis.  Aluminum rollerskis are great for those on a budget and for big, strong skiers who need a very stiff rollerski shaft. SkiGo aluminum skis come pre-drilled to help with mounting and binding placement.
  • Junior Aluminum Classic Skis. Shorter, lighter and less expensive. Great for smaller juniors who would benefit from an easier to control ski. Also helpful for a junior-sized budget and as with its full-sized brethren, these come pre-drilled for bindings.
  • Redesigned Skate Forks. SkiGo has redesigned the forks for the Carbon Skate ski to improve tracking and reliability. The new design also drops the shaft lower to the ground and aluminum reinforcements help to improve strength while adding only minimal weight.
  • All-new Rollerski Pole Ferrules. The new SkiGo Pro rollerski ferrule uses carbon to reduce the swing-weight of the pole while firmly holding a carbide steel tip, regardless of how hot the day is.

Demos and sales will be available at the following retailers:

Boulder Nordic Sport—Boulder, CO

Boulder Nordic Sport—Bloomington, MN (opening in August)

BNS East—Portland, ME

Finn Sisu—Lauderdale, MN

Riverbrook Bike & Ski—Hayward, WI

Ski Hut—Duluth, MN

Boulder Nordic Sport

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