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BrainspiralJuly 1, 2014

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Job Notice: Part Time Coach

XC Ottawa is looking to hire a part time coach to oversee our athletes’ training and development. We currently have 11 athletes as well as 2 summer training partners. Our team is self-administered and all trip organization, team administration and other duties are performed by the team. We require a coach to design training programs, organize and run weekly practices, as well as monitor athletes’ training.

This position is part-time, and would involve a level of commitment of approximately 10 hours/week. The duties of the coach would include:

  • Designing personalized yearly training program for all XC Ottawa athletes.
  • Organizing and providing coaching support for 2 group training sessions per week (one weeknight practice, and one weekend morning practice).
  • Monitoring athlete’s training via SportLog.ca and providing feedback.
  • Providing race support/waxing at major races (particularly Nationals and Trials).
  • Attending major training camps (2-3 three-day weekends per year).

The ideal candidate will have previous experience coaching high-level senior cross-country skiers. Coaches must be sufficiently fit to ski, rollerski or run with athletes, and have sufficient background in skiing to provide technical feedback to athletes. Remuneration will depend on the certification and experience of the applicant.


  • Must have train to compete coaching level, or equivalent.
  • Must have strong technical background in skiing.
  • Must have previous sport coaching experience.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit the following documents to Karl Saidla at info@xcottawa.ca before July 15th, 2014.

  • Cover letter and CV, highlighting your qualifications and experience you would bring to the team.
  • Two references, including name and contact information (at least one ski related contact).

If you have any questions, please ask us at the same email address.


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