Super Suit Designed By Craft to Bring New Victories for Swedish National Team

CraftJanuary 21, 2015

Falun, cross-country skiing and the world championships is a classic combination that has resulted in great victories for Sweden. Now it’s time again. Supported by The Kurbits Race Suit − a new super garment developed exclusively for the upcoming world championships in Falun − Kalla, Olsson and the other Swedish skiers aim to repeat Torgny Mogren’s feat from 1993.

Torgny Mogren’s victory in the 50 K event at the world championships in Falun 1993 is one of the most celebrated moments in Swedish ski history. Twenty-two years later, the championships are finally back at home. And again Sweden boasts a world-class national team, unleashing intense passion and enormous expectations.

Technically Advanced Super Garment
In close collaboration with the Swedish skiers, CRAFT has developed yet another revolutionary racing outfit − The Kurbits Race Suit. This innovative garment is based on the suit that reaped great success at the Olympics in Sochi, where Charlotte Kalla won one gold and two silver medals.

Compared to its predecessor, The Kurbits Race Suit is made from a new material, a very thin and lightweight Italian polyester that offers superior function and body-temperature management. Compression fabrics in the legs keep the muscles focused while ultrasonic taped seams create a smooth surface for optimal aerodynamics.

The suit comes packed with innovative features such as Moving Wing Technology ™, which is a wing-like construction piece at the upper back that ensures total freedom of movement and allows the skiers to transmit all their power into each pole stroke. In addition, three-dimensional ergonomic design provides perfect fit and optimal comfort.

“We know that the suit delivers, as we saw during the Olympics,” says CRAFT’s CEO Jonas Peterson. ”It’s really exciting to dress one of Sweden’s best national teams for the season’s greatest ski event.”

A Tribute to Traditions
The Kurbits Race Suit combines the classic Swedish cross-country colors blue, yellow and white with a modern kurbits’ pattern uniquely designed for the great event on home soil.

“By letting the suit be inspired by traditional Swedish handicraft we connect the graphic expression and the beautiful decorations to the event in Falun,” says CRAFT’s designer Lena Karlsson. ”We have based the design on the old traditions of kurbits and given it a modern twist.”

The national team’s head coach Rikard Grip is very pleased with the new suit. “It’s extremely important that the skiers can perform optimally − both during training and races,” he says. “And I’m sure it will be a great experience for the skiers to put on this exclusive suit and race in front of the home crowd.”

The Kurbits Race Suit is developed exclusively for the world championships in Falun.


About Swedish Brand CRAFT:

CRAFT is the pioneer of functional apparel for serious athletes. Since 1977 CRAFT has devoted itself to developing innovative clothing built to withstand extreme weather in all conditions. CRAFT works closely with its many sponsored athletes and national teams, and focuses on designing the highest performance gear. The brand’s foundation is its authentic understanding and love for the sporting culture, reflected in its strong involvement in cross-country skiing, biking, running and alpine skiing. Constantly working on optimizing construction technologies and innovative materials, CRAFT Sportswear is the ideal training and competition gear for all activities year-round. For more information on CRAFT in North America, visit

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