Toko: Waxing ‘Cold’ Skis and New JetStream 2.0 Bloc Waxes All White

TokoJanuary 13, 20151
 Waxing “Cold” Racing Skis in General

Generally the difference between cold and universal skis are flex (more contact on cold skis), structure, and often times base material.  These are what differentiate.  In terms of preparing a cold ski to be “cold” in general, a common mistake is to only use cold waxes.  We have noticed that if you only wax your cold skis with hard waxes, the skis accept less and less wax.  For this reason, it is good to put some softer waxes now and then in the cold skis too.

When waxing with hard cold waxes, a key point is that the iron needs to be hot enough and exposure long enough that the wax becomes opaque such that there is no air at all between the wax and the ski.  This is the most common mistake.  This means that when the wax is scraped off, except for in the groove (if it was not specifically ironed which is a sound technique), the wax should not at all “spring” off the base, but rather come off like fine sawdust.  If the wax has been applied such that it is opaque and comes off very fine rather than jumping off the ski in chunks, it will be a good application both on race day in when waxing skis to harden the bases in general.

New JetStream 2.0 Bloc Waxes All White
The new JetStream 2.0 bloc Blue, Red, and Yellow waxes are all white.  There is no way to tell them apart once they have left the packaging which is marked of course.  The past few years, teams had asked us to make the bloc waxes the same color so it was more difficult for prying eyes to see what they were using.  For this reason, all 3 colors are white.  If this is a concern, we recommend to take a blue, red, and yellow marker and make the appropriate mark on the wax to designate which one it is to avoid mixing them up.  Below is the case that the wax comes in, but the bloc itself is white.


 Want to watch a short presentation on Toko Research and Development?  Click the photo
Race Wax Tips
The Toko Tech Team, a regional team of wax technicians almost all of which have been working for Toko for over 10 years, have tons of experience, and have been very well trained, research and prescribe race wax tips for you.  There is a local and respected name behind every wax tip.  Toko race wax tips are generally posted 2 days before an event and updated if needed.  This is the most important thing that we do in the Nordic market.
Click here for the Race Wax Tip portal page
Wax Clinics
We are conducting over 100 wax clinics for you to attend and learn throughout the country. Click here for the schedule.  Clinics will continue to be added, so be sure to check back.
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  • John Forrest Tomlinson

    January 14, 2015 at 8:34 pm

    You should sell Jetstream in random colors so your customers can really out-fox their competitors. They see someone putting on red but it’s really the cold version. Psych!

    Heck, sell it in Briko packaging if you really want to let your buyers mess with people’s heads. Disinformation tactics in the wax room.

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