Gear West Birkie Premier Race Wax Service

Gear WestFebruary 17, 2015

Your Fastest Race Skis Ever!

No Waxing Stress, Race Harder.

2015 Gear West Premier Race Waxing Service

Only $79.99 – Skate

Your skis will be precision glide waxed with the ideal LF under-layer, HF race-layer, and 100% Fluoro top-coat then finished with the race ready hand structure. At the American Birkiebeiner you can even have your skis delivered to you in the Start Area. If you have classic skis for waxing there will be an additional $10.00/Race charged. A classic ski service will include the standard glide wax application, plus a base binder in the kick zone. Gear West technicians will not apply kick wax, but will have a kick recommendation and kick wax available on race morning.

  • Sleep well, confident that your skis will be Fast.
  • Enjoy your friends while avoiding make-shift hotel wax rooms.
  • Leave the heavy iron and wax box at home.
  • No need to purchase new waxes (exceeding $79.99) for a single event.
  • Do not worry about unfamiliar snow conditions.
  • Pick up your skis at the Race Start area race morning.(Birkie ONLY!)
  • Enjoy your fast skis and the race.
  • Birkie Race Wax Service will be capped at 450 pairs.

Please note for the American Birkebeiner, there is no longer an option for Friday Pickup.  All skis will be picked up at the Birkie Race Start Area.  This allows us to have the alotted time to provide you with the best possible service for your skis.

To ensure the fastest skis your waxing service will be done in the Gear West Wax Room or on-site in the Gear West Mobile Wax Room, which is the most advanced waxing vehicle this side of the World Cup. Our techs will be testing wax and structure on the trails up to the last moment to provide you the fastest skis possible.


Birkebeiner Race Wax Service Schedule
Date Time Location
Mon, 2/16 8PM   Online Registration Ends
Tues, 2/17 NOON Gear West In-store Drop Off Ends
Thurs, 2/19 NOON – 9PM Hayward On site registration & ski drop off
Fri, 2/20 9AM – 4PM Hayward Any skis dropped off on Friday will be charged a Friday Drop Off charge: $104.99 for Skate & $114.99 for Classic.
Sat, 2/21 5:30AM – 10AM Birkie Start Area Race Day Ski Pickup

You spent the last 364 days preparing and anticipating.
We spent the last 364 days waxing.

Let us wax your skis so you can have
your most enjoyable Marathon Season ever!

Spots are limited
Register here now or call 877.473.4327
to guarantee you have your fastest skis ever, stress free.  

If you have any questions, please email

Gear West

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