An Interview with Toko All Star Jennie Bender

TokoJanuary 13, 2016

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jennie bender

Jennie Bender is just coming off a dominating performance at US Nationals.  She has had some bad luck the past few years with her health (Mononucleosis and back injuries) and it has been so inspiring to see her fight through it all with both patience and dogged determination.  Congratulations Jennie!
Toko All Stars: Jennie Bender
1.  Who was your skiing role model when you were growing up and why?
I looked up to each person who reached out and helped me learn. Not growing up in a nordic family, I didn’t hear skier names being thrown around, so never really globbed on to anyone. Instead I looked up to those in my life who stepped forward and shared their experience through coaching. Truthfully, Lance Armstrong and the William sisters were more my athlete role models. And now, I’d love to meet Ronda Rousey.
2.  What skier inspires you currently and why?
Never met her, but Lindsey Vonn seems pretty rad. She works hard, motivates me to keep at it, to work through it, and rocks the media component of being a celebrity athlete.
3. Favorite race course and why?
I’m a big fan of Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. It’s fluid, good for power athletes, and it’s one of the best  cheering demographics around! 
4.  Favorite workout and why?
Max strength. We workout at an old Golds Gym here in Bozeman, so max strength is the only time I too, can grunt and walk around with my chest puffed out.
5.  Favorite place to train and why?
Training in Montana is pretty rad. We have on average cooler temperatures and few to no bugs. After growing up in mosquito haven in VT, and tick city in Wisconsin, I’d way rather carry around the occasional bear spray.
6.  Favorite movie line and why?
“Shake and Bake Baby” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega nights
  7.  Favorite Toko glove model (and/or color) and why?
I really like the Toko Arctic, because Ive gotten frost bite so much, I wear thick gloves all the time. 

jennie bender

jennie bender

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