The Stowe Derby is Coming to Town for a 71st Edition

Stowe DerbyJanuary 12, 2016
On Sunday, February 28th, 2016, the quaint little town of Stowe, Vermont, will welcome the 71st edition of the Stowe Derby, the most anticipated winter event of the year, and perennial favorite hosted by the Mt. Mansfield Ski Club.
Annually, on the last Sunday of February, some 800 participants flock to Stowe with friends and family to be a part of the Stowe Derby, an event that literally monopolizes the town, from the top of Mt. Mansfield all the the way to the Community Church located at the heart of the village.
They come to ski the 6km short cross country ski course for kids and families, the challenging 20km freestyle or classic ski race from the top of Mt. Mansfield, or the 14km unique Fat Bike race. Experts can also race in the Derby Meister, the combination of the two long course ski races, or the Fat Meister, the combination of the Freestyle ski race, and the Fat Bike race.
The legendary race attracts skiers and adventure seekers from near and far. From weekend warriors to NCAA champions, to high school teams and old reminiscing veterans, the Stowe Derby holds a very special place in the heart of all who have participated in the past, and continues to captivate hundreds today. Some come for the glory, most come for the fun of skiing or riding in this most unique event.
The first edition of this famous and most unique downhill cross country ski race originated in 1945 when an alpine skier named Sepp Ruschp, and his friend Erling Strom, a nordic skier, challenged each other to race from the top of Mt. Mansfield to the village of Stowe, on a single pair of skis. At a time when ski runs were not quite as perfectly groomed as they are today, Sepp Ruschp, the alpine skier won the challenge and was crowned the best overall skier that year. Today, the challenge remains the same, but nearly all ski participants race on Nordic skis which are lighter and better suited for the course.
Registrations are coming in strong and organizers are expecting the Fat Bike Derby, limited to 100 racers, to soon reach full capacity again this year. Sign up today for the best prices and start time in all races.
For more information, or to sign up for the Stowe Derby, visit, and follow us on Facebook. Group rates are available for teams. Contact Pascale Savard at with questions.

Stowe Derby

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