MWSC Seeks Assistant Nordic Racing Coach

FasterSkierFebruary 3, 2016

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The Maine Winter Sports Center is a non-profit organization empowering individuals and communities to build an active, outdoor future through world-class resources and challenge-based programs.

Job Description:

The Maine Winter Sports Center (MWSC) is looking for skilled and passionate individuals to assume the role of Assistant Nordic Coaches working with high school athletes in various locations around Maine. These individuals will join a highly motivated and effective staff specializing in outdoor sport education, coaching and development across Maine. Assistant Nordic Coaches are responsible for working directly with the MWSC Program Director, MWSC Biathlon Development Director, MWSC Nordic Development Director and other MWSC Staff to schedule, organize and execute MWSC Junior Racing Training Groups in key locations in southern, central and northern Maine. They are also responsible for assisting with MWSC training camps and race trips periodically throughout the year.

Skilled and effective communication, creative thinking, being solution focused, teamwork, independent work, travel, and the ability to manage time effectively are all critical pre-requisites for this position.

MWSC Assistant Staff also have the opportunity to work outside their direct program areas to assist in executing the broad range of MWSC Programs. This can include but is not limited to assisting in our youth program, leading and co-leading adventure programs, assisting in the equipment lease program, helping with trail development efforts and the initiation and implementation of other programs, events and duties that will advance MWSC toward its mission. Female coaches are strongly encouraged to apply.

This is a part-time position. Applicants should reply with a brief cover letter and relevant curriculum vitae to Mike Smith, MWSC Program Director & COO, at by April 1st, 2016.

MWSC Job Description addition info:

Essential Functions:

  1. Coach a training group in southern, central OR northern Maine throughout the year.
  2. Assist in the execution of MWSC’s training camps a minimum of once per year.
  3. Assist in the execution of an MWSC race trip a minimum of once per year.
  4. Represent the organization, our programs and our mission in various media including public speaking engagements, video production, and social media marketing.

Necessary Knowledge & Skills:

  1. Technical cross-country ski skills
  2. Effective teaching and group facilitation skills
  3. Effective written and verbal communication skills
  4. Analytical skills
  5. Ability to work with individuals of all ages including kids, teen and young adults, athletes of all ages, parents, and other instructors and coaches at various levels of development
  6. Ability to constantly learn and improve hard skills and soft skills
  7. Ability to give and receive constructive feedback

Expectations – Candidates Must Be Able To:

  1. Commit to coaching 30 weeks / year including a minimum of 1 training camp and 1 race trip. The breakdown of weeks per season is as follows:

    8 weeks July – August,

    8 weeks Oct – Nov,

    12+ weeks December – March

  2. Travel periodically, both daily and overnight
  3. Work independently
  4. Operate vehicles with trailers (driving, backing up)
  5. Function and communicate effectively as part of a team spread across the state of Maine
  6. Endure considerable physical activity outdoors, including but not limited to skiing, biking, hiking, paddling, and trail work
  7. Irregular hours

Passion – Candidates Must Enjoy and Be Committed To:

  1. Living and modeling an active, outdoor lifestyle
  2. Teaching in the outdoors
  3. Teaching others to teach
  4. Working across multiple program areas
  5. Working with a variety of ages and abilities on a regular basis
  6. Securing a stronger future for Maine’s communities and Maine’s Natural Resources


  1. 4 year college degree
  2. Minimum of two years coaching and instructing professionally in outdoor sport.
  3. Advanced personal and professional experience in competitive Nordic ski racing. Also extensive experience in at least one of the following areas is preferred:
    • Biathlon
    • Mountain Biking
    • Paddling
    • Wilderness Travel

Physical work requirements:

During regular job activities such as hiking, canoeing or trail work MWSC Staff will often be lifting, pulling, carrying weights of 60lbs. for short periods of time above and below waist height. Other activities typically involved include bending, standing, sitting, climbing ladders, stairs and shoveling.

Special work requirements:

Special work requirements always include skiing, running, hiking, biking, paddling and work out of doors. Special certification is not required for these activities, though professional expertise and certification in one or more areas is preferred. Candidates will be expected to at a minimum gain and maintain a Wilderness First Aid Certification and USSA Level 1 Coach’s Certification.


Assistant staff at MWSC is paid on an hourly basis. The salary reflects the commitment of MWSC to hiring and retaining the best outdoor sport educators and coaches available.

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