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BrainspiralAugust 4, 2016

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The Loppet Foundation in Minneapolis is looking to fill the positions of Adventure Center Director, Marketing & Communications Manager and Sponsorship Sales Manager. More information below:

Loppet Stewardship/Adventure Center Director

The Loppet Foundation is seeking applicants for a new and exciting position. The Foundation is expanding its partnership with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) by creating an Adventure Center in Theodore Wirth Park.

The Adventure Center Director runs the partnership efforts between the MPRB and the Loppet Foundation in the Adventure Center area: on the trails that the Loppet Foundation is responsible for, and in and around the Adventure Center building.

Primary Directive: To create and run a national class center for year-round outdoor activities that helps the Loppet Foundation, the MPRB, the North Minneapolis community, and the broader public enjoy year-round outdoor activities.

The Adventure Center Director stewards the Adventure Center and the relationship with the MPRB in order to create a place that is a home base for outdoor activity for the Minneapolis area generally, but that also is home base for Loppet events and programs and allows the Foundation to achieve its broader mission and advance the organization’s strategic plan

The Adventure Center Director is responsible for:

  • Helping to create and maintain the brand of the Adventure Center
  • Creating and managing an environmental education curriculum and program
  • Hiring and managing staff in order to achieve the broader goals of the Center and the
  • Maintaining trails for cross country skiing, mountain biking and cross country skiing,
    mountain biking, cyclocross, and trail running racing
  • Managing the Adventure Center budget
  • Maintaining strong relationships with the MPRB and its staff
  • Creating reports for the executive director, the board of directors and for the MPRB
  • Establishing policies on trail use by high schools and other user groups that allow for a
    balance between daily users and teams and groups
  • Working with the Loppet Foundation’s database manager in order to ensure that
    Adventure Center patron data is treated appropriately
  • Coordinating with the Loppet Foundation’s Executive Director, Events Director,
    Adventures Director, Advancement Director and Head Coach to ensure that all programs
    run smoothly at the Center
  • Syncing Adventure Center operations with Loppet Foundation activities more broadly
  • Managing relationships with the Adventure Center’s concessionaires and vendors
  • Finding and maintaining relationships with other partners in the community
    The Adventure Center Director reports to the Executive Director.

The ideal candidate will be a leader with a passion for year round outdoor activity and will understand branding around the outdoor active lifestyle. S/he will have an entrepreneurial spirit, and a proven track record in managing facilities, supervising staff, and running outdoor programming. The ideal candidate will have excellent written communication and interpersonal skills, and will have a proven record of valuing and developing diversity.

Salary is competitive and dependent upon experience.

Send cover letter and resume via email to Allie Wilde at wilde@loppet.org.

Marketing & Communications Manager

The Loppet Foundation is seeking a Marketing and Communications Manager to work full time with all aspects of the Loppet Foundation organization to coordinate marketing initiatives and public relations efforts to promote and develop the Loppet’s brand. S/he is responsible for developing, planning and leading the Loppet Foundation’s annual marketing and communications plan by projecting the mission, generating event and program participation, and celebrating the successes of the organization and individuals in the Loppet community.

The Marketing and Communications Manager drafts and updates copy for marketing collateral, monthly email newsletters, event email communications, the website(s), event recaps, and news articles. S/he captures and conveys the Loppet through creative written stories that are utilized on a variety of channels (website, newsletters, emails, social media).

S/he works with the Graphic Designer to produce collateral pieces such as the bi­annual printed newsletter, annual results publication, event spectator guides, and City of Lakes Loppet brochure. S/he serves as the main administrator for the Loppet Foundation’s social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and works with all departments to ensure equal messaging is being broadcasted across those channels.

The Marketing and Communications Manager supports media relations efforts, writing and distributing press releases.

The Marketing and Communications Manager directs the sponsorship renewal process for the Loppet Foundation. S/he also assists the Sponsorship Sales Manager with sponsorship related functions such as sponsor relations and retention, aiding with sponsor activation at events, meeting contractual agreements, and managing sponsorship opportunities in Salesforce.

The Marketing and Communications Manager works onsite for all major Loppet events including the City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival, the City Trails Loppet, the UCare Tri­-Loppet, the Surly Trail Loppet and the Pre­-Loppet as well as evening events as needed (sponsorship dinner, volunteer dinner, Hoigaard’s Challenge banquet, the Annual Meeting, etc.)

The Marketing & Communications Manager works with all aspects of the organization. The ideal candidate will understand the Loppet’s outdoor active brand and appreciate the outdoors. Strong candidates will have a background in communications and marketing. The Loppet seeks proactive employees who are self­-starters and can work with a fast paced team.

Salary is competitive and dependent upon experience.

Send cover letter and resume via email to Allie Wilde at wilde@loppet.org.

Sponsorship Sales Manager

The Sponsorship Sales Manager drives the sponsorship efforts at the organization in order to meet the Foundation’s aggressive annual sponsorship sales goals.

The Sponsorship Sales Manager leads the outreach and sales efforts to attract new sponsors and re­-sign existing sponsors. Under the direction of the Events Director, the Sponsorship Sales Manager will work toward an aggressive cash and in­-kind sponsorship goal each fiscal year. The goal is to increase sponsorship with an across-­the-organization balance that includes a mix of long-­term sponsorships, sponsors that align with the organization’s mission, and in-­kind sponsorships that reduce costs or enhance the organization.

The Sponsorship Sales Manager helps manage and maintain strong relationships with the top­-level sponsors of the Loppet Foundation. The Sponsorship Sales Manager creates, manages and updates sponsorship opportunities in records in Salesforce and manages monthly sponsorship committee meetings in order to use Board, Member and volunteer contacts to generate sponsorship leads, meetings and sales.

The Foundation is more interested in finding a talented and aggressive sales manager than someone who sits at a desk from 9­5 each day. Accordingly, this position can have flexible hours, but the position requires a self­-starter who can manage their time and meet their goals independently.

The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills. They will personally convey the Loppet’s brand ­ either through enthusiasm for an outdoor­, active lifestyle, through a personal love for the outdoors, or both. The best candidates will be proactive and not afraid of rejection.

Salary is competitive and dependent upon experience.

Send cover letter and resume via email to Allie Wilde at wilde@loppet.org.


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