Nordic Nation: Sometimes It Is a Fantasy – Hoffman’s Fantasy XC League

Jason AlbertNovember 23, 2016

USE: Nordic Nation FasterSkier Podcast LogoYes, it’s that time of year and depending on who you are, it means two things: the World Cup is about to start and Noah Hoffman’s Fantasy Cross Country is live. In this episode, as with most things, Nordic Nation goes deep. We scour our digital rolodex for insider information. With the first weekend of racing soon upon us, we looked for the beta on who to pick for a fantasy team and who to leave on the proverbial sidelines.

We speak with the Hoff and the Oz of his Fantasy League, Adam Mahar. And we track down a winning player from last year who resides in Sweden. We also connect with FasterSkier’s resident gear tester savant, Jon Schafer — he’s a man of many names too, think Fast Big Dog and/or FBD. And finally about thirty minutes into the episode, we strike gold with two players from the Midwest; Kristor and Dean are their names. Seriously, we dug deep to find these guys. With their insights, we might just be onto breaking the European dominance in Hoffman’s Fantasy League. Last year 11 of the 13 prizes went to players on the other side of the Atlantic. 

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Jason Albert

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