Podiumwear Introduces Jessie Diggins ‘Over-the-Top Socks’ for Individuals as well as Custom ‘Over-the-Top’ Socks for Teams

PodiumwearNovember 15, 2016

Podiumwear over-the-top Jessie Diggins


Inspired by the socks Jessie Diggins wears in relay competitions, Podiumwear is now offering custom knee-hi nordic socks in your team’s unique colors and designs.

Podiumwear’s latest custom apparel offering, the “Over-the-top Sock,” is inspired by Jessie Diggins’ tradition of wearing one red-striped and one blue-striped sock over the top of her ski suit during relay events. Now teams can design their own custom Over-the-Top Socks in unique colors and designs. In addition, individuals can purchase a pair of Jessie’s mis-matched, knee-hi, red, white and blue socks in the Jessie Diggins Seasonal Store.

“People are always asking me where they can find socks like the ones we wear in relays,” said Podiumwear Ambassador Jessie Diggins. “I’m so excited to be able to finally tell people that they can get their own pair from the Podiumwear Nordic Skiing Seasonal Store. I also can’t wait to see what teams come up with for their own designs.”

“Jessie’s relay socks are a great gift for the holidays,” said Podiumwear CEO Reid Lutter. “For teams, the custom Over-the-Top Sock is a great product to add some fun and team personality to your Podiumwear uniforms,” said Podiumwear CEO Reid Lutter. “I can see them being a great spirit builder for race day.”

To order Jessie Diggins Over-the-Top Socks, visit the Podiumwear/Jessie Diggins Seasonal Storefront at: www.podiumwear.com/team-storefront/jessie-diggins-2017/

If you’d like to design your own custom team Over-the-top-Socks, simply add this product to your team order on the Podiumwear website at: www.podiumwear.com/ sports/nordic/

For more information about suits designed by Jessie Diggins, or Podiumwear custom team nordic apparel, please visit www.podiumwear.com or call us at 800-930-1081.

Podiumwear and Jessie Diggins

World Champion and Olympian Jessie Diggins is an official ambassador of Podiumwear’s custom women’s apparel for nordic skiing – a first for the nordic apparel industry. Diggins, who is from Afton, Minnesota, works closely with Podiumwear product developers and designers to pioneer the manufacture of custom nordic apparel for women.

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