Rollerski Swing Weights

RollerSkiShop.comDecember 5, 2016

Another first by, these easy to add/remove steel weights increase the swing weight of rollerskis. While overall rollerski weight is important, weight distribution is also important in making a rollerski feel more like a long snow ski. Swing weight is the amount of effort required to swing both ends about its middle. Higher the swing weight the longer the rollerski feels. Build more leg strength on shorter workouts with a feeling similar to a snow ski with slush stuck to the top.

  • 112 grams (4 oz) each including strap
  • Creates greater ski like swing weight
  • Moves the rollerski balance point further forward reducing tail drop
  • Increases leg workout
  • Universal rubber straps fit most rollerskis and allow for quick add/removal
  • Rubber under the steel weight eliminates vibration on the frame and allows for positioning over the fender screws on most rollerskis. The farther forward the higher the swing weight.
  • $25/pr including 2 extra straps.
  • Release strap tension when storing.

When we designed the #1 ranked Pursuit Fork Flex, weight distribution was on our minds as something that previously hadn’t been talked about in rollerskis, but is almost as important as the type of flex (Snappy flatter flex is more ski like than a lifeless concave flex) and top of frame height (Lower the better with the Fork Flex measuring only 50 mm to the ground unweighted). The Pursuit Fork Flex while lightweight at 1.69 kg/pr (620 mm wheelbase) has most of its weight distributed out towards the ends in the spring steel forks and wheels, with little weight in the middle as the aluminum main frame is so light. You want the weight out towards the ends, and with these strapped behind the front wheels, they seem longer and even more ski like allowing you to maximize your workouts with more variety.

Available here:

Rollerski Swing Weights

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