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FasterSkierJanuary 31, 2017
Corey Stock (DAR, shown here racing at the UVM Carnival) took third in the women's 10k freestyle on Saturday (photo: Silke Hynes)
Former Dartmouth skier Corey Stock racing at the 2015 UVM Carnival two years ago. (Photo: Silke Hynes)

In an effort to showcase the North Americans competing at this week’s International Ski Federation (FIS) 2017 USANA Nordic Junior World Championships and U23 Cross Country World Championships at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah, we asked those qualifying athletes several questions about themselves — actually, we had them fill in the blanks. Here we have 22-year-old Corey Stock, of the Bridger Ski Foundation, who’s representing the U.S. at her first U23 Worlds Championships after competing at Junior Worlds in 2012 and 2013.


“My full name is Corey Stock, but you can call me Corey. I was born in Lincoln, Mass., raised in Lincoln, and one thing you should know about my hometown is it is the town where Paul Revere was captured.

I started cross-country skiing when I could walk, thanks to trails my brother would tromp down in our backyard (back when it snowed in Boston). I currently train in Bozeman, Mont., with BSF [Bridger Ski Foundation].

If I’m not skiing, you might find me listening to NPR podcasts while remarking on what a gorgeous day it is. If I had to pick a favorite book, it would be ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ by Dr. Seuss.

One of the things I’m most excited about for U23/Junior Worlds at Soldier Hollow is hosting the rest of the world in the USA! One race I’m especially targeting there is the classic sprint.

The best advice anyone ever gave me about skiing or racing was when Sophie Caldwell told me that I will race fastest when I am happy! One of the best race memories I have is Soldier Hollow JNs 2012.

If I could meet one World Cup skier, it would be Anna Haag.
12. If I don’t end up being a professional skier, I’ll probably be… turns out that I am a professional skier! Hopefully I’ll go to business school post-skiing.


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