Best Overall Way to Apply JetStream

TokoJanuary 10, 2017

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The Best Overall Way to Apply JetStream

Different application methods run differently in different types of snow. For example, generally cold applications such as rotocorking or hand corking are fastest in colder powder snow and hot applications such as applying with a hot iron are best in wet and transformed snow.

We tested the same wax using many different application methods in a wide variety of conditions throughout a winter and found that the following application method was fastest or 2nd fastest in all conditions. We also tested durability and dirt resistance and this was as good as any other application method. So, this is our “default” recommended application method for applying JetStream. We recommend you get familiar with it and use it for best results.

You will need Base Tex (Fiberlene), a good quality waxing iron (T14 or T18), a Nylon Polishing Brush, and a Thermo Cork.


The “really cold” part of the Winter is just arriving

In case cold hands an area of concern for you, consider the Toko Racing Overmitts. You WILL NOT get cold hands with these overmitts. If you get really cold hands, wear them over your Thermo Plus gloves or if you are a really hard case, Arctic Gloves, and be warm. (Most can wear in super cold conditions over Classic gloves and be very warm). They are a bit cumbersome to get in and out of (they go over the pole strap, so you have less material getting constricted under the strap), but once you are in, you will have warm hands.

Toko Racing Overmitt

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