Swix Launches Triac 3.0 Ski Pole: Redesigned Strap and Handle Offer Massive Weight Reduction

SwixFebruary 20, 2017

(Press release)


That’s the overall weight reduction from the previous Triac® to the forthcoming Triac® 3.0. In a product category that’s typically marked by single digit inching toward technical improvement, the Triac® lands an impressive punch.

“The pole and especially the new handle section gives significantly more power through the pole. The top of the handle offers perfect control of the pole with the index finger. Can I use the pole right away?”, says top-athlete Petter Northug.

“We set out with the design intention of creating no compromises,” describes Swix Sport ski pole category manager, Svein Pedersen. “The result is the new power transmission between the Triac® 3.0 handle and shaft. It is truly revolutionary.”

The interface between skier and pole begins at the strap, a hand-shaped anti stretch material aimed at subtle feel and complete integration, all connected to a grip that collectively is nearly 1/3 lighter than previous Swix grips. The cordura strap is particularly useful in a ski pole as it bears little stretch in the material and transmits more power. Furthermore, the pole strap bears no rough contact points, plastic pieces or adjustment for a natural, optimal feel. That feel, the in-hand connection to the ski pole- is what defines the technological strength of the new Triac® and what promises a faster more natural skiing experience. Swix uses its unique shaft technology sourced from the best available materials with strict tolerances and 100% traceability of all source materials and supplies. Every step in the supply chain is tuned to create the finest finished product.

Furthering the customizable focus towards performance, the Swix Triac® 3.0 utilizes the TBS System, an easy-on, easy-off basket system that requires no glue and only a few seconds for basket changes. This year sees the introduction of two new, lightweight baskets designed for soft conditions and maximum contract for pole force bringing the total number of available basket options to six.

The result is a pole offering maximum force, directed into movement forward, at a lighter weight saving. Crucial in a sport measured by fractions of a second. Look for the Triac 3.0 in the hands of Swix athletes beginning Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at the World Championship Events in Lahti, Finland.

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