Cross-Country Skier Klaus Jungbluth, Ecuador’s First Ever Winter Qualifier, Trains with ThoraxTrainer

Thorax TrainerJanuary 25, 2018

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Cross country skier Klaus Jungbluth will be Ecuador’s first ever winter athlete to compete in the world’s most celebrated event next month. His story is a fascinating one of determination and perseverance.

Klaus Jungbluth is a native Ecuadorian, who fell in love with cross country skiing while studying physiotherapy and physiology in Norway. Upon returning to Guayaquil, Ecuador, he founded his own physiotherapy and training clinic. With no opportunities for skiing in Guayaquil, Klaus took up roller skiing and indoor skiing on a ThoraxTrainer to continue his new passion. The ThoraxTrainer is the most authentic skiing machine on the market, as it correlates 96% with cross-country skiing. The ThoraxTrainer engages the core, lower and upper body equally, making it one of the most powerful workouts anyone can do. Used by the Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Korean and Danish cross-country skiing national team training centers, the ThoraxTrainer has been proven to increase strength and endurance in a shorter period of time than more traditional methods of training.

After successfully competing in several European long distance cross country ski events, Jungbluth decided to attempt to qualify for the most celebrated winter international competition. His first obstacles included the fact that there was no skiing federation and no ski clubs in Ecuador. Undaunted, Jungbluth founded the Ecuadorian Ski Federation and then worked hard to gain acceptance into the FIS, (International Ski Federation).

With those successes under his belt, Jungbluth turned his attention to training and qualification. Training was quite difficult. Because the asphalt on normal roads in Guayaquil was too uneven for roller skiing, Jungbluth had to roller ski at 4 –5 am on the highways, as this was the only time of day when traffic was not heavy. Every winter for three years he went to Europe to do long distance races, such as Vasaloppet, Jizerska Padesatka and Arefjallsloppet. The ThoraxTrainer indoor skier was also an important part of his training. He had four ThoraxTrainers in his clinic, offering group training for his members and patients, but also allowing him to benefit from this authentic, time-efficient ski training.

Jungbluth moved to Italy during the winter of 2016-17 to race under the B-qualification criteria. He participated at the world championships in Finland in 2017, and he raced in Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Poland and Croatia before returning to Ecuador, still not qualified. After hard training over the summer of 2017, Jungbluth raced in Australia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, finally reaching his qualification goal on October 14th!

At ThoraxTrainer we are proud to have been a part in Klaus Jungbluth’s remarkable journey, and we wish him the best of luck.

The ThoraxTrainer was created by Dr.Ulrich Ghisler, MD and Jonas Thor Olsen, Engineer, both of whom have competed in skiing at the highest levels internationally. “As members of the Danish cross-country skiing team, we wanted to create a fitness machine that would make us stronger and better without having to rely on the snow. That is how the ThoraxTrainer came to life.” says Ghisler. “We never expected that it would be so incredibly effective and that we would see the massive improvements with elite athletes who were training fewer hours with better results. We knew that the ThoraxTrainer was something that anyone could use. That’s when we started to focus on how we could make this device available to everyone in the comfort of their homes.”

The ThoraxTrainer offers more than 50 different exercises with just one device. It is more than just a superior cross country ski trainer; it is one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment on the market.

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