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FasterSkierMarch 3, 2018
Canada’s Trevor Kiers racing at the IBU Junior Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, earlier this season. (Courtesy photo)

In an effort to showcase the North Americans competing at this week’s International Biathlon Union (IBU) 2018 Youth and Junior World Championships in Otepää, Estonia, we asked those qualifying athletes several questions about themselves — actually, we had them fill in the blanks. Here we have 20-year-old Trevor Kiers, who is representing Canada at his second Junior World Championships.

On Saturday, Kiers broke through in 16th in the junior men’s 10-kilometer sprint (+1:34.9 with two misses) for his first Junior Worlds top 30. 


“My full name is Trevor Kiers but you can call me anytime 😉.

I was born in Welland, Ontario, raised in Sprucedale, Ontario, and I learned to ski at Arrowhead Provincial Park. 

I spent the time between World Youth/Junior trials and Worlds mainly racing on the junior circuit, and then spent the two weeks prior to WJCH in Sjusjoen, Norway.

The favourite workout I did in the last training year to prepare for this was riding the Ironman loop in Penticton, a 180km ride around the area with my teammates Carsen Campbell and Matt Hudec.

One thing I’m working on this season to improve my biathlon is confidence in the range.

This is my first time in Estonia and fourth time racing internationally, and so far it’s been amazing! 

One difference I’ve noticed between Estonia and the Canada is that I’ve found that the history, and all that fun stuff is definitely super Euro, but I think that there is a mix of modern western culture thrown in there.

One of the things I’m most excited about for World Youth/Junior Championships in Otepää is watching all my teammates, from potential medalists, to first timers, and all my close friends!

One race I’m especially targeting there is the Sprint and pursuit combo.

Trevor Kiers racing at Canadian World Junior Trials in Whistler earlier this winter. (Courtesy photo)

Watching the Olympics in the lead up to my own races was inspiring and motivational. One of my favourite moments of the Games was when Seb Sameulsson overtook Beni Doll for the silver medal in the men’s pursuit. I want to be like J-T Boe, because he races his heart out, but also knows when to have fun, and after the individual, when to get emotional 🙂

At Worlds, I really hope I can chat/make friends with someone from Norway and ask them if they want to trade last year’s race suits!

My favorite thing at the breakfast where we are staying is that they have what could be considered an American selection, they have oatmeal, eggs and bacon, the food is also delicious.

Before this trip, if you said “Estonia”, the first thing I’d think of would have been Andrew (team wax tech), because I know that he has family here, and that he enjoys his time with his cousins.

Now that I’m here, I’m pretty sure something I’ll always remember will be the venue, it’s been beautiful so far, and the course here is pretty spectacular.

If I had a totally free day here and didn’t have to worry about race fitness or training, I’d spend it around the old town in Tallinn. I went there the first day (I had flown in earlier than the rest of the group) but I feel like I hadn’t seen it all in its best, also a lot of things were closed because it was winter.

The best way to follow me on social media is on Facebook Trevor Kiers – Biathlete or Instagram @trevor.kiers, will also return smoke signals or messages flown in by owl.


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