University of Utah Seeks Director of Skiing

FasterSkierMay 29, 2018

(Job posting)

Director of Skiing/Head Coach

The University of Utah is seeking applications for a Director of Skiing for the men and women’s alpine and Nordic ski teams.

This position includes organization and technical instructions for training and competition, recruiting, administration, and supervision of Alpine and Nordic Programs involving budget Management, scheduling, student athlete academic and welfare issues and other organizational needs.


Candidates must have extensive racing/coaching experience, preferable at the collegiate and/or F.I.S. Level. Bachelor’s degree required. Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and application of NCAA rules.

Position is full time 12-month appointment

This posting closes June 4, 2018


  1. Must be well versed and knowledgeable in the sport.
  2. Team should be consistently reach or surpass performance expectations and challenges for conference championship and post season play
  3. Maintain individual and squad discipline
  4. Ability to positively motivate, elicit team spirit and unity
  5. Provides atmosphere conducive to sportsmanship
  6. Supervises staff, assigns duties, and is accountable for actions of staff.
  7. Establishment of a well organized effective, and timely recruiting process.
  8. Aggressively pursues high caliber student-athletes to include conducting permissible correspondence/telephone calls, thorough evaluations, and contacts.
  9. Actively recruits within the state of Utah
  10. Follows proper procedures with Admissions and Financial Aid Offices
  11. Demonstrates commitment to and an understanding of NCAA and Conference regulations.
  12. Effectiveness in assuring assistant coaches’ and athletes’ adherence to rules.
  13. Demonstrates a commitment to academic integrity of student-athletes
  14. Help student-athletes make normal progress toward graduation at the University of Utah and maintain eligibility.
  15. Follows Department and university policies/procedures
  16. Assumes responsibilities and leadership within the department
  17. Works to develop strong public relations skills with media, boosters; participates in community service/speaking engagement events
  18. Exhibits good ethical and professional conduct.
  19. Demonstrates a commitment to creating a tolerant and diverse work environment
  20. Effectiveness in budget management.

Please visit our website to apply:


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