Friday Race Rundown: U.S. Nationals from Craftsbury, Vermont (Updated)

FasterSkierJanuary 4, 2019
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U.S. Cross-Country Ski Championships Craftsbury, Vermont 1.5 k Classic Sprint

Friday at U.S. nationals, the women were up first with the 1.5 k classic sprint. In the qualification round, racing for the U.S. Ski Team (USST) and the Craftsbury Green Racing Project (CGRP), Ida Sargent marked the fastest time in 3:51.30 minutes. Kelsey Phinney (SMS T2) was second fastest in 3:54.04, and Julia Kern (SMS T2/USST D-Team) in third with a time of 3:54.42.

Live Timing screenshot of the top-30 qualifiers from the morning’s 1.5 k classic sprint qualifier at U.S nationals.

Sargent advanced to the finals by winning the first quarterfinal and semi-final. In the A final, she placed first in 3:43.55 to win the classic sprint national championship. Kern was second in 3:44.31, and Hannah Halvorsen (APU) third in 3:44.33.

Caitlin Patterson (CGRP) was fourth, Kaitlynn Miller (CGRP) fifth, and Hailey Swirbul (APU) sixth.

Women’s Qualification | Women’s Results

This post will be updated throughout the day as results come in.

Men’s top-30 qualifiers from the 1.5 k classic sprint a tU.S. nationals.

In the men’s qualifier, Ben Saxton (SMS T2) was first placed qualifier with a time of 3:18.58 minutes. Daniel Streinz (NMU) was second with a time of 3:19.00. Andy Newell (SMS T2/Salomon) was third fastest with a time of 3:19.12.

In the men’s A final, Canada’s Julien locke  placed first in 3:15.46. Saxton placed second, but was the first American, crossing the line in 3:16.30. Logan Hanneman (APU) was third overall in 3:16.51.

Peter Holmes (SVSEF Gold Team) placed fourth, Canada’s Dominique Moncion-Groulx (Team R.A.D.) was fifth, and Zak Ketterson (NMU) sixth.

(For the U.S. podium determining the national title, Saxton was first, Hanneman second, and Holmes third.)

Men’s Qualification | Men’s Results