Nordic Nation: Estonia’s Karel Tammjärv

Jason AlbertMarch 5, 2019

In this episode, we speak with Estonian athlete Karel Tammjärv. If you are unfamiliar with the latest news, Tammjärve was arrested last week in Seefeld, Austria as part of an investigation into doping.

FasterSkier first contacted Tammjärv yesterday and in a quick turn of events, Tammjärv offered us an interview this morning. Although the interview was conducted on short notice, we had no pre-conditions when it came to the types of questions we could ask.

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We have run several stories about the arrests which went down last Wednesday in Seefeld.

Here’s the story about the initial crackdown.

This story discusses some fallout from the arrest and was published last Friday.

This story was published yesterday, March 4th and discusses a press conference Tammjärv gave last Friday where he publicly admitted to doping. See this link for a good example. This is how it works.

Many FasterSkier readers became familiar with Tammjärve through Noah Hoffman’s blog. Hoffman posted a blog on Monday about his relationship with Tammjärv and the recent doping news.

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