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FasterSkierMarch 17, 2019
The podium from the 10 k skate in Falun, Sweden. From left to right, Sweden’s Ebba Andersson in third, Norway’s Therese Johaug in second, and the U.S. Ski Team’s Jessie Diggins in third. (Photo: screenshot)

FIS World Cup Falun, Sweden 10k/15k Inidividual Freestyle

The sun rises. The sun sets. And Norway’s Therese Johaug won the 10-kilometer individual start freestyle in Falun, Sweden. In 25:23.9 minutes, Johaug made her winning statement. Sweden’s Ebba Andersson placed second (+18.75), with the U.S. Ski Team’s (USST) Jessie Diggins in third (+30.3).

Fourth place went to Ingvild Flugstad Østberg of Norway who finished 30.8 seconds back.

Sadie Bjornsen (USST) raced to 12th (+1:05.7), Julia Kern (USST) 25th (+1:53.9), Rosie Brennan (APU) 27th, Kaitlynn Miller (CGRP) 34th (+2:21.5), and  Rosie Frankowski (APU) 35th (+2:26.1).



The men’s 15 k skate was won by Russia’s Alexander Bolshunov in 33:18.6 minutes. Martin Johnsrud Sundby of Norway was second (+8.9) and Didrik Tønseth third (+17.7).

The top North American finisher was Canada’s Alex Harvey in 11th (1:10.9). Jack Carlyle finished in 66th (+5:55.5).

For the U.S., David Norris (APU) placed 16th (+1:15.3), Kevin Bolger (USST) 45th (+2:41.9), and Scott Patterson (USST) 54th (+3:39.8), Kyle Bratrud (SMST2) did not start.



IBU World Championships Östersund, Sweden 12.5 k Mass Start

Here’s the top-10 results from today’s 12.5 k mass start in Östersund, Sweden. The eyes need only read 10 skiers down for U.S. biathlete Joanne Reid’s name. There it is: 10th place for a career best individual result at a championship event.

Her teammate Clare Egan placed 26th (+3:01.4, 0+0+3+2).



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