Swix Press Release: Replacement of Rollerski Wheels

FasterSkierSeptember 3, 2019

Press Release

During Toppidrettsveka in Norway, SWIX experienced the rubber separated from the rim on some of our roller skis for skating, which unfortunately led to some athletes being exposed to dangerous situations, falling and getting the competition ruined. SWIX regrets this and takes full responsibility for this incident. The wheels in question are from a production lot that not has been in regular sales, and there are no wheels from this lot in the market.

After this incident, we received reports that a few customers have had problems with the wheels from the same subcontractor. We therefore encourage everyone who has purchased the roller skis SWIX S5 Pro or SWIX Triac Carbon Skate to change to new wheels at our expense.

New wheels will be shipped to sports shops in Norway and abroad as soon as possible. Contact the store where you bought the skis, who will assist in changing to new wheels. Of course, this is free of charge.

We are in dialogue with the manufacturer of the wheels and have started the process ensuring better standards and quality control.

SWIX take this very seriously and apologize to those who have experienced problems. SWIX’s roller skis should be safe and our customers’ safety is our highest priority. In Ontario you have to renew your driver’s licence card every 5 years and usually receive an email or mail about 2-3 months before it expires warning that if the license isn’t renewed by then all sorts of illegal things will happen including being stopped by police because they think you’re using an expired/cancelled vehicle as well! fake id canada

Questions? Please contact support@brav.no

Below are photos of the models in question.

Swix Slate S5 Pro (Photo: swixsport.com)
Swix Triac Carbon Skate (Photo: swixsport.com)



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