Day 1 Round up from Hochfilzen’s IBU World Cup

FasterSkierDecember 13, 2019
Dorothea Wierer of Italy: winner of the 7.5 k sprint in Hochfilzen, Austria and wearer of the IBU World Cup leader’s bib. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Friday began the weekend series of IBU World Cup racing in Hochfilzen, Austria. The women and men raced the 7.5-kilometer and 10 k sprint, respectively.

For the women, Italy’s Dorothea Wierer won in 21:26.5 while missing a single target. She began and ends the day wearing the yellow bib as the World Cup overall leader. Norway’s Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold placed second (+5.9; 0+0), and Russia’s Svetlana Mironova third (+18.3; 0+1). It was Mironova’s first World Cup podium.

Emma Lunder of Canada during the women’s 7.5 k sprint in Hochfilzen, Austria. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Canada’s Emma Lunder was the top North American in 58th (+2:01.5; 1+2). Teammates Sarah Beaudry finished 65th (+2:17.5; 0+1), Megan Bankes 86th (+3:09.; 3+1), and Nadia Moser 102nd (+4:44.1).

For the U.S. team, Clare Egan raced to 66th (+2:19.4; 0+2), Emily Dreissigacker 71st (+2:24.4; 1+1), Joanne Reid 87th (+3:10.7; 1+3), and Susan Dunklee 95th (+3:43.8; 2+4).

U.S. Biathlon’s Clare Egan, during the women’s 7.5 k sprint in Hochfilzen, Austria. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Women’s Results

Johannes Thingnes Bø of Norway took the men’s 10 k sprint win; his second individual victory of the season. Bø was last year’s overall winner. Friday he stopped the clock in 25:07.8 with a single missed target. The win gives Bø the overall World Cup’s yellow bib – Martin Fourcade of France, began the race as the overall leader. He finished 10th on Friday.

France’s Simon Desthieux finished 7.8 seconds back in second place. He too missed only one target. And Russia’s Alexander Loginov shot clean for third place, 14.6 seconds behind.

Sean Doherty of U.S. Biathlon placed 35th overall (+1:32; 0+1) as the top North American. Leif Nordgren was 44th (+1:40.8; 0+1), Alex Howe 74th (+2:27.5;1+1), and Travis Cooper 99th (+3:53.3; 2+1).

Scott Gow of Canada was 61st (+2:12.1; 1+1), Jules Burnotte 65th (+2:14.6;1+2), Aidan Millar 93rd (+3:08.8;4+0), and Christian Gow did not start.

Canada’s Scott Gow, during the men’s 10 k sprint in Hochfilzen, Austria. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Racing continues in Hochfilzen tomorrow with the women’s 4 x 6 k relay and men’s 12.5 k pursuit. Both Doherty and Nordgren qualified for the pursuit.

Men’s Results


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