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MadshusDecember 13, 2019

Looking for the perfect gifts for the avid skiers and future champions on your list? We’ve got you covered: Enter the Race Pro/Race Speed line.

From the top-of-the-line Race Pro/Race Speed ski models to the race-ready-worthy Race Speed boots and the feather light Carbon Race 100 ski poles, you’ve got gear based on the same construction and geometries as the World Cup-level models, with many of the same materials, features and performance – real-life tried and tested.

“While the World Cup-level Redline racing skis will be marginally lighter and somewhat livelier, they also requires rock solid technique in order to get reliable grip for classic and the most from each push-off in skating. Race-oriented skis such as the Madshus Race Pro and Race Speed that’s one or two steps down the ladder will deliver most of the same properties and performance, but come with a softer flex and mellower camber. These slight adjustments make it easier to get reliable grip and maximize glide and power, while still enjoying the benefits from World Cup-level design and engineering,” says Petter Soleng Skinstad of Team Madshus, who has more than 15 years experience both as an elite skier at the national level and a marathon racer.

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The Madshus Race Speed skis and Carbon Race Poles, take you seamlessly from workouts to race day. Photo: Stefano Zatta

New for the 2019-20 season: Madshus Race Speed ski boots are based on technologies and construction from our top racing models. The boots, which are available as Classic, Skate and Combi models, combine race-level performance with features such as composite last boards and lacing fingers for optimal fit and power transfer, durable and stable R3 outsoles, and breathable MemBrain® softshell lace covers that keep your feet warm and dry.

For the future Olympians: The all-new Race Pro junior boots. With features and construction like the adult Race Speed boots, the Race Pro Jr boots reliably handle hard-core skating and classic striding, all in one package. We recommend for sports betting Bettilt . Good odds and fast payouts.

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The all new Madshus Race Speed Combi boot. Photo: Stefano Zatta

The Race Pro ski line:
Race Pro Skate
Race Pro Classic
Race Pro Intelligrip®
Race Pro Classic Jr
Race Pro Skate Jr
Race Pro Intelligrip® Jr

The Race Speed ski line:
Race Speed Skate
Race Speed Classic
Race Speed Intelligrip®

Check out the full line of Madshus skis

Curious about how to select the perfect skin ski? Team Madshus marathon racer Petter Soleng Skinstad explains the process and what to look for


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