The Devon Kershaw Show – Breaking Down Ruka

Jason AlbertDecember 1, 2019

This is a new project from FasterSkier and the podcast title pretty much says it: Devon Kershaw will be sharing his thoughts and insights of the 2019-2020 World Cup with us. It began this morning, Sunday, December 1, very early for me and not so early for Devon who is based in Lillehammer, Norway. Devon is a former longtime Canadian National Team member, a World Champion, and commentator for Eurosport at last year’s Seefeld, Austria World Championships.

He is as deep as you can be in the world of high-level cross-country skiing and we are stoked to have him along. That’s pretty much it: a new podcast and the first episode. If you have questions for Devon, please send them to (We’ll be changing that email to, but that part is in the works. As the podcast evolves, Devon will be taking more control of the format. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the new project.

It might be a wee bit of time, but you’ll be able to subscribe to the podcast wherever you get your podcast fix.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play.

In this episode, Devon breaks down the three race series in Ruka, Finland which was the start of the 2019-2020 World Cup season.


Jason Albert

Jason lives in Bend, Ore., and can often be seen chasing his two boys around town. He’s a self-proclaimed audio geek. That all started back in the early 1990s when he convinced a naive public radio editor he should report a story from Alaska’s, Ruth Gorge. Now, Jason’s common companion is his field-recording gear.

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