Madshus Skin Skis Best In Test – Again

MadshusJune 3, 2020

Norwegian outdoor magazine UTE Magasinet, recently announced Madshus Fjelltech Intelligrip® skin skis the test winners in a large test of backcountry skin skis.

Test winner: Madshus Fjelltech M44 Intelligrip® (Score: Best in Test)
The perfect ski for those looking for a fast, lively and responsive steel-edged ski that fits all kinds of trails, easy to ski both on uphill and downhill terrain.
“The lively flex makes the Fjelltech M44 fun to ski on. Madshus strikes the perfect balance between a fast, lively, responsive and fun ski with both great glide and reliable grip, and a stable ski with secure maneuverability in all conditions. The ski with the highest camber, the lightest ski in the test – and clearly the best in test overall!”

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Madshus Fjelltech M44 Intelligrip®

Runner up: Madshus Fjelltech M50 Intelligrip® (Score 9/10)
“It’s rare for one and the same ski to achieve top test scores on properties that frequently are mutually exclusive, such as reliability, maneuverability, carrying capacity and speed. Bravo Madshus!”

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Madshus Fjelltech M50 Intelligrip®

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Best in test: Madshus Redline Intelligrip ® 

The test rated the skis on four essential properties:
Speed/glide – responsiveness and ability to return the energy when kicking, glide in soft and firm conditions and perceived weight in use.
Grip – how secure and reliable the grip is, and how steep of an incline you can climb before you start slipping.
Turning and maneuvering – this is most pronounced in soft and hilly terrain, which is weighted heavier in the test than firmer, icier conditions where the skis were performing more evenly.
Carrying capacity – whether the skis break through or carry the skier in loose snow conditions and softening crust.

UTE Magasinet’s test crew tip: To avoid drag and uneven glide, we moved the bindings on all the test skis 3 cm back from the center position. This improved the glide without significantly affecting the grip.

Read the full test here (Norwegian) 

With record amounts of snow in the mountains this year, there is still time to explore the backcountry. Grab your boards and head for the hills!

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