Time to Listen and Learn

FasterSkierJune 3, 2020

We are deeply shaken by recent events. We are at a loss, beyond reflecting on how we can be better. Where do we even begin? 

The ski community is a predominantly homogeneous population – be it the Nordic origins of the sport, the socioeconomic and geographic barriers to entry, or a myriad of other factors. Here at FasterSkier, we have an all-white staff. The World Cup skiers whose accomplishments we highlight are almost exclusively white.

We do not support acts of racism or violence.

However, we believe that the act of remaining silent amidst this tumultuous time deems us complicit in proliferating racism. We do not pretend to have the answers. We are here to listen and to learn. To seek out and highlight stories of skiers from diverse backgrounds, to elevate new voices, and to applaud clubs and communities taking action to increase participation and support athletes from low-income families.

Skiing can be many things. The timing chips, the lycra, and the training have their place for some. But those strict definitions may not open our eyes to how other people experience the sport, or may be excluded from it. We are more than that.

Help us be better. Whose hidden stories deserve telling? Whose voices can we amplify? What is being done in your ski community to promote inclusivity and diversity? What companies have taken action to support worthy causes? What positive actions have you observed that might empower others to follow?

Feel free to leave suggestions below or email the staff at info@fasterskier.com.


Matt Voisin, Jason Albert, Rachel Perkins, Gerry Furseth, and Gavin Kentch. 


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