Nordic Nation: A Midlife Crisis in Biathlon with Craig Wiggers

FasterSkierOctober 19, 2020

A few weeks back, we featured an excerpt from a new book titled Nordic Warrior? A Midlife Crisis in Biathlon. Written by Ithaca, New York, based biathlete, Craig Wiggers, the book explores his love affair with biathlon which began midlife.

Wiggers’ path to biathlon is as circuitous as they come. Raised in the deep south, Wiggers attended school at Auburn University and spent a full career hopscotching around the globe as a U.S. Marine. He was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a safe bet to assume sliding on snow was a new and eventually welcome prospect when Wiggers and his family settled in Ithaca for a position at Cornell University.

Craig Wiggers in race form (bib 35).

What is refreshing about Wiggers is his joy in finding a new passion and being welcomed into the biathlon community as a newbie. There’s no pretense about having learned to ski at a young age or having Olympic aspirations. His is a down to earth tale – he simply wants to improve.

You can find his book on Amazon for less than a dollar. All proceeds are donated to U.S. Biathlon.

U.S. Biathlon Team and Craftsbury Green Racing Project biathlete Kelsey Dickinson conducted this interview. 

Kelsey Dickinson skiing to third in the 10 k pursuit at the 2019 U.S. Biathlon Nationals. (Photo: John Lazenby/


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