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FasterSkierDecember 1, 2020

For years FasterSkier has been navigating the shape shifting media landscape. Although not immune to the effects of social media and an ever changing online advertising model, we’ve kept the lights on.

FasterSkier has relied on advertising to keep the website’s content free. But the financial contraction due to the pandemic has closed hard on us too. We’re asking, like many media outlets, what’s the best financial model moving forward?

This is our ask: We’d love your financial support as we keep completely free for readers. In return, we will continue to publish deep diving journalism and current news about nordic sports without a paywall or limiting the number of articles readers can access each month. We’ll continue to bring World Cup racing to life with athlete interviews and high quality photos, in-depth analysis into the complex issues that encumber our sport, like doping, fluoros, and athlete well-being, speak with experts to help you support your skiing through technique, training, and nutrition, and cue you in on the gear we believe makes the sport most enjoyable. Free means free.

But it also means our uncompromised commitment to covering the sport of cross country skiing needs your support. We’re hellbent on making it work. We hope you are too.

If you have the financial means to support FasterSkier with a monthly or annual contribution, we’d love your help.

Thanks for considering and if you have any questions, please send them to

The FasterSkier team


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