Call for Survey Responses: Heart Rate and Age

Gavin KentchFebruary 19, 2021
Stephen Seiler, a professor at the University of Adger in Kristiansand, Norway, specializes in exercise science. (Photo: University of Adger)

Are you a well-trained endurance athlete? Do you know your resting heart rate, maximal heart rate, average weekly training hours, and – tough one here – age? If you’re reading this website, the answer to all four of those is probably “yes.”

If you have a moment to spare, Stephen Seiler would like your help. Seiler is a longtime professor of sports science, currently at the University of Adger in Kristiansand, Norway. We’ve spoken with him for the site before about training and intensity.

Seiler is currently seeking responses to this questionnaire. As he says on Twitter, “I bet most of you can complete it in less than the time it takes for your heart to beat 60 times.”

One quick mathematical note, one of the questions, albeit specific to runners (to be fair, even some avid skiers may identify their primary training activity as running), asks about the best pace you could hold for six minutes running, as given in seconds per kilometer. If you’re an American reader and you know your pace in the more common minutes-per-mile, you should: (1) convert the whole thing to seconds, then (2) multiply that figure by 0.6214 to derive that pace in seconds per kilometer.

Finally, one gender-specific note: Seiler writes on Twitter, “PLEASE get more women to complete this survey! 98% men so far with soon 100 responses. I want to collect data that serves male and female athletes, but I just fail miserably at achieving any kind of male/female balance in the data.” Female athletes, please take note.

Again, the survey may be found here.

Gavin Kentch

Gavin Kentch wrote for FasterSkier from 2016–2022. He has a cat named Marit.

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