4 New Things to Bring On Your Next Cross-Country Ski Trip

FasterSkierMarch 19, 2021

How you prepare and what you pack to bring with you on a cross-country ski trip can have a big impact on how much you enjoy it. Not having the right clothing and equipment can leave you cold, tired, sore, hungry, and grumpy by the end. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Chances are you already know what clothing and basic equipment works best for you, but there are other little things that can make a big difference. Here are four tips for what to bring with you that you may never have thought about before.

#1) Pure Maple Syrup

Energy gel is one of the common things that avid cross-country skiers will bring for long-distance treks. It’s one of the more effective ways to maintain your energy throughout the day, so you can keep going. One thing that long-distance athletes like bikers and joggers have started using for energy is pure, natural maple syrup. Muscles use up a lot of stored glucose, and syrup provides it in abundance in a fast and efficient manner than few other things can match. Plus, it tastes great and can be a nice, tasty treat during your breaks.

#2) CBD Capsules

Pain and inflammation is common on longer treks, especially if you’re going through some more difficult terrain. One way to help with that is CBD, which is a trendy new supplement that can help with reducing both pain and inflammation. You can bring a small bottle of CBD capsules with you, and take them every four to six hours so you feel less pain and prevent inflammation in your muscles and joints.

#3) Glide Wax

Glide wax should be a fundamental part of your equipment. You apply this to the bottom of your skis to make it easier for your skis to glide along the snow. This can make a huge difference for your energy and muscles on longer trips, and will save you a lot of effort so you can enjoy your trip.

#4) GPS Watch

If you get anxious and like to plan for every possibility, then a GPS device is a must. You can have trail maps and a compass, reading a compass or map may not be that easy for you if you happen to get lost. There are numerous GPS devices you can purchase that make navigating the wilderness a breeze in comparison, allowing you to set waypoints so you can always find your way back. You can get a small GPS watch that’s small, light, and harder to lose.


With these four things added to your equipment, it’s a lot easier to enjoy your big cross-country skiing trip. The syrup provides you with much needed energy and nutrition in the form of a nice treat. The CBD capsules relieve the pain and inflammation you can experience from such a long trek. And the glide wax and GPS watch can help you enjoy the trip a lot more without a worry.


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