Madshus Skin Ski Earns “Best In Test” In Comprehensive 2020-21 Skin Ski Test – Again

MadshusMarch 29, 2021

Yet another “best in test” stamp of approval to Madshus skin skis, this time the winner is the Nordic Pro Skin model.

In a large test of the most versatile skin skis for the 2020-21 season from all the major manufacturers, Madshus Nordic Pro Skin was rated best in test.

“Versatile, all-round skis for training and recreational skiing account for the largest volume of skin ski sales. Accordingly, we have put a lot of effort into this category of skis, so winning this large, comprehensive test of skin skis in this segment is super nice,” says Tor Erik Schjellerud at Madshus.

The skin ski test was performed by UTE Magasinet, one of Norway’s biggest outdoor magazines, on March 19, 2021.

Madshus Nordic Pro Skin. Photo: Madshus

Best overall ski
Madshus Nordic Pro Skin was rated best in test in overall ski feel, for working in a wide range og temperatures and snow conditions, and for being just as suitable for workouts and training as for touring and recreational skiing. Here is why: A moderate side cut makes the ski easy to turn and maneuver in various kinds of terrain, while a new fiber layup construction provides excellent glide without compromising grip.

“Madshus Nordic Pro Skin is a versatile ski that ski feels great for both training and recreational skiing. This ski is clearly the best in test,” says former Norwegian National Team coach Geir Endre Rogn, who was one of the lead testers in the recent UTE-test.

In the comprehensive UTE Magasinet-test, the testers considered all the skis over time and in conditions varying from cold and dry to wet and warm, new snow, falling snow and old, transformed snow.

“Nordic Pro Skin was good at everything. It is a stable ski with reliable grip, yet it still has enough camber to provide great glide when your weight is distributed evenly on both skis, and doesn’t have much of a drag when double-poling. Additionally, Nordic Pro works great in both cold and dry as well as warm and wet conditions,” Rogn explains.

Optimized layup, skin profile and skin positioning
Most skin ski skiers are looking for reliable grip when striding without compromising glide, and a ski that has a good overall feel. The 2020-21 Nordic Pro Skin has been upgraded from previous models to address exactly these areas.

“We are constantly working to improve and develop our skis to make them as easy to ski as possible without compromising glide, in addition to working well in a wide range of conditions,” Schjellerud says.

Accordingly, Madshus has optimized the fiber layup in the Nordic Pro Skin ski construction, adjusted the profile and positioning of the skin in order to build a skin ski that feels as much as possible like a traditional waxable ski. “The upgrades and improvements we have made with the fiber layup has resulted in a ski that closes somewhat easier to deliver reliable grip and a solid ski feel, but at the same time provides enough of a lift for uncompromised glide when the weight is distributed evenly on both skis,” Schjellerud explains.

Madshus is now rewared for the effort with yet another “best in test” rating.

Madshus Nordic Pro Skin has a 47mm – 44mm – 46mm side cut for easy turning and maneuvering. The skin is made from 70 percent mohair and 30 percent nylon, which delivers an extremely durable skin that provides reliable grip and excellent glide in a wide range of conditions.


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