The Devon Kershaw Show: 2021 World Championships 10 K Skate – A Johaug Win and a Diggins Near Miss

Devon KershawMarch 2, 2021


In today’s 10 k story on FasterSkier, here’s how it began: “The high pressure continued at the 2021 World Championships on Tuesday in more ways than one. Oberstdorf, Germany’s temps hovered around 50 degrees Fahrenheit for the start of the women’s 10-kilometer individual freestyle, and a rarefied number of skiers poised to step on the podium. The pressure cooker that is the individual start, with skiers setting off at 30-second intervals was on display from the first earnest pole plants out of the start.”

Filling the lungs during the 10 k: Norway’s Therese Johaug. (Photo: NordicFocus)

The pressure that may have been building for this event was released as Norway’s Johaug won the race by 54 seconds over Sweden’s Frida Karlsson. All things considered, even going way back to the 2002 Olympics, a relatively massive time gap to second place. And for her part, Jessie Diggins of the U.S. did not disappoint. She came within a few seconds of bronze.

Diggins cooling off after the 10 k skate. (Photo: NordicFocus)


Cutting to the chase, we cover it all in the episode including a look at the American prospects in the upcoming 4 x 5 k relay.

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Devon Kershaw

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