Building a betting strategy for ski racing

FasterSkierJuly 30, 2021
08.12.2019, Oestersund, Sweden, (SWE):
Linn Persson (SWE), Susan Dunklee (USA) – IBU world cup biathlon, relay women, Oestersund (SWE). © Nico Manzoni/NordicFocus. Every downloaded picture is fee-liable.

Betting is a great way to make a sport even more exciting. It adds a bit of thrill and makes the races more interesting to watch. It has become highly popular in the last few years, and there are, therefore, several websites you can use for betting.

It can be a form of gambling that is a little risky, but with the right strategies, the victory can be easier to predict.

Unlike some casino games, where you should bet on the right number in roulette, you can base your bet based on your knowledge about the sport, the athletes, and other circumstances that can influence the result. So, if you are interested in gambling, you can find some of the best, licensed online casinos if you follow a casino guide. Here you can also find gambling sites that offer sports betting.

Betting on skiing

A great part of betting is that you can do it in almost every sport, also skiing. You could for example bet on the skiing World Cup or the Continental Cup. Some betting sites will offer bets such as betting on the head-to-head outcome of specific skiers, betting a skier’s run time, or betting a skier against the rest of the field.

The most popular type of betting in almost all kinds of sports is to bet on who’s going to be the winner. However, it can be fun and interesting to try and bet in one of the other categories as well.

Where to bet?

An essential part of betting is where you do it. It is important to find a good and safe betting site that lets you put in and withdraw money instantly. There are several things you can look for that will tell you whether the site is safe or not. A legitimate site will first and foremost have other, happy customers.

Therefore, always look for reviews and other feedback on the given site. Choosing a popular one will be smart. The site should let you use different payment methods and have some safety precautions in order. This can be limited money use or playing time, to reduce and detect addiction.

10.01.2021, Oberhof, Germany (GER):
Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (NOR), Irene Lardschneider (ITA), Anais Chevalier-Bouchet (FRA), Vanessa Hinz (GER), Uliana Kaisheva (RUS), Linn Persson (SWE), Jessica Jislova (CZE), Julia Schwaiger (AUT), Aita Gasparin (SUI), Clare Egan (USA), Mari Eder (FIN), Dzinara Alimbekava (BLR), Nadia Moser (CAN), Kinga Zbylut (POL), Regina Oja (EST), Ivona Fialkova (SVK), Polona Klemencic (SLO), Darya Blashko (UKR), Natalja Kocergina (LTU), Fuyuko Tachizaki (JPN), Milena Todorova (BUL), Lyudmila Akhatova (KAZ), Baiba Bendika (LAT), Eniko Marton (ROU), (l-r) – IBU World Cup Biathlon, mixed relay, Oberhof (GER). © Manzoni/NordicFocus. Every downloaded picture is fee-liable.

Do your research

It is important to do sufficient research before you place your bets. You need to know the means of the game; be aware of all rules and possible game setups. You should be well aware of the scoreboards and point systems. Furthermore, you must make yourself informed about the racers and teams, what their former scores are and how they are performing at the moment.

If a top skier is not good at a certain type of snow, it is perhaps not a good bet anymore for a winner – but maybe you can bet on another skier beating him or her. So, read sports news and keep yourself up to date. Lastly, look through the possible betting categories and figure out what you can bet on in the given sport or tournament.

Betting can be very fun and has become more widespread during the lockdown, but it does come with some risks as you are putting money at stake, which is why it is important to set a strategy and prepare.


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