The Devon Kershaw Show: More Olympic hardware for Diggins and a banner day for the U.S.

Devon KershawFebruary 20, 2022

What. A. Day.

American cross-country skier Jessie Diggins scores another Olympic medal in Beijing, this time a silver, gutting out a strong race even though she was suffering from food poisoning. We break down the full 30 k freestyle race with Therese Johaug’s win and a furious chase for bronze. And we’re thrilled to welcome guest hosts Holly Brooks and Sadie Maubet (Bjornsen), the retired U.S. Olympians who joined us from Alaska.

We’ll be back when the World Cup resumes in Lahti next weekend. (Seriously?! So soon.) Get us at  and in the mean time.

We know we haven’t gotten to all your questions over the course of the Olympics, but we hope to catch up with a mailbag episode soon once things settle down.

Sadie Maubet (Bjornsen) and Holly Brooks snap a picture during an Olympic watch party in Anchorage. (Courtesy photo)

Devon Kershaw

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